July/August 2000

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Dinol Introduces
Primerless Adhesive

Redmond, Wash.-based Dinol U.S. Inc. has introduced its newest auto glass adhesive, Dinitrol 410/D500 Black. The company says the new polyurethane adhesive is primerless and bonds extremely well to paint, glass and various rubber and plastic components. OEM uses include panel bonding and sealing joints, while in aftermarket use, Dinitrol is used to replace rubber gasket sets and is highly effective for replacing trims and mouldings in all makes of cars, according to the company.


IPS Secures Top Orders
for its Inspection System

Image Processing Systems Inc. (IPS) of Markham, Ontario, a global supplier of electronic vision technology, announced a new order for its AGI 9800 Autoglass Inspection System from one of the world’s largest automotive glass manufacturers. The company reports they now have “seed” orders from three of the top five automotive glass manufacturers, representing nearly 60 percent of the worldwide market.

“The automotive glass industry represents a mostly untapped market for IPS, with the top five manufacturers representing almost 90 percent of the world’s supply,” said Ken Wawrew, president and chief executive officer. “The typical application for our systems include the manufacture of windshields, side and rear windows and sunroofs,” Wawrew continued. “Our advanced Automated Glass Inspection technology enables manufacturers to meet or exceed auto makers’ growing quality demands, such as lowering part-per-million defect rates and reduced costs.”

The AGI 9800 is a fully automated, turnkey system that detects and measures glass defects such as scratches, pits, bubbles, stones and inclusions. The system can also provide hole, paint band and trade logo inspection.


GlassMate Adds Safelite
as Trading Partner,
Changes Fee Structure

NAGS GlassMate software has added Safelite as a trading partner, thus allowing users to send invoices electronically to Safelite. In addition, GlassMate now has the capability to add any trading partner that requires electronic invoices.

In other news, the EDI fee structure has changed with regard to LYNX transactions. Beginning July 1, GlassMate enforced a $1 charge per invoice to electronically send invoices through GlassMate to LYNX. This is the same way Safelite transactions are currently being billed.


Antaya Introduces Circular Electrical Connector

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Antaya Technologies Corporation recently introduced a circular electrical connector for power and signal transmission on automotive glass. According to the company, this is the only two-piece circular connector that uses a pre-soldered clad metal, which, when applied, produces a stronger bond to glass.

The small, circular connector, or “snap,” was designed for ease of attachment using corrosive resistant metals. The circular connector is pre-soldered and pre-fluxed in loose pieces or on a carrier for automated processing. It is available in brass, tin-plated or silver-plated. The connectors can be applied by various methods including spin soldering. The company says the most effective application method is with Antaya’s Q-Box Controller, a high-volume, microprocessor-controlled soldering system with vacuum pick-up and air-cooling.


Need to Check your E-Mail? Check Your Rearview Mirror

That’s what the future of rearview mirrors holds according to Gentex Corporation of Zeeland, Mich. “Rearview mirrors are an excellent location to house hands-free microphones, antennas, global positioning system (GPS) receivers, wireless modems, microprocessors, user interfaces and various displays,” said Ken LaGrand, executive vice president. Because of its position on the windshield, these mirrors have an excellent view of the sky and are a great location for such accessories.

Gentex is currently developing and manufacturing these products, named telematics mirrors, for a variety of automotive manufacturers. In fact, some of these enhancements are already available.

“We already have mirrors with GPS system interfaces, cell phones, microphones, emergency notification systems and the like on 14 vehicle models in North America,” said LaGrand. He predicts the mirror will soon act as the portal to the outside world. For example, LeGrand said in the near future a person will be able to potentially plug a laptop into a vehicle that will access the Internet via a wireless modem located in the rearview mirror.


Valéron Film Provides Moisture-Proof Shipping for Solutia

Saflex film from Solutia must be kept free of moisture and contaminants to guarantee a defect-free windshield. Protecting the film in shipment was a challenge until the company enclosed the film rolls in bags that use Valéron® Strength Film as the outer layer. “We needed something to prevent the migration of moisture onto one roll of film, which is very moisture sensitive,” said Andres Soto of Solutia, “So we encapsulated the roll in the bag which has Valéron Strength Film as the outer layer. That provided the strength and puncture resistance needed to protect the product,” he added.

According to Valéron manufacturer, Van Leer Flexibles L.P. of Houston, a major source of potential contamination is the metallized bags used to ship rolls of film to glass manufacturers. The foil could flake off in shipment or during opening. The company’s five-layer bag includes an outer layer of Valéron film and inner layers of polyethylene, foil, and linear low-density polyethylene. According to the company, the overall structure provides the strength, puncture resistance and moisture resistance needed to ensure the safe delivery of sensitive film.


Equalizer® Changes Scenery With a Click

Tired of staring at the same blue screen on your computer all of the time? Looking for a new background, but too busy to search the Internet to find a suitable one? Look no further—Equalizer of Round Rock, Texas, has the answer to your problems. Specially designed by Equalizer’s catalog team, the 16 new available scenes are free and easy to download. Just visit http://www.equalizer.com and you’ll be just a click away from a new, exciting background for your computer monitor.


Extracting Possibilities

After four years on the market, the Extractor, from Crystal Glass Ltd. of Edmonton, Alberta, has evolved into its second, third and fourth generation tool line-up. Originally designed as the Extractor Pro Series Kit, for windshield replacement, it is now available as a regular duty 18-volt cordless tool, a heavy-duty 18-volt cordless tool and a 110-volt electric tool.

The new regular duty tool is an 18-volt Dewalt cordless tool that, according to the company, has been modified to incorporate its shaft design and blade. The tool is also equipped with a self-lubricating nose cone to reduce wear and tear and to stop it from overheating. The kit consists of two blades, one shaft, battery charger, one modified Dewalt tool with battery, carrying case, extra nuts and bolts, allan key and training video, as well as a one-year warranty.

The new heavy-duty tool is an 18-volt Milwaukee tool that has also been modified to incorporate its shaft and blade design. According to the company, while this version is larger than the Dewalt it has very little vibration and is extremely quiet. The shaft that holds the blades on this tool can be utilized for all Extractor tools, regular duty, heavy-duty and the 110-volt model. The kit comes with two blades, one shaft, battery charger, one modified Milwaukee tool with battery, metal carrying case, extra nuts and bolts, allan key, training video and a limited life time warranty.

The new 110-volt electric model is also designed from a Milwaukee tool. According to the company, it has been designed to virtually remove most vibration and has an adjustable speed dial on the handle to custom set its overall top speed and also comes with a limited life time warranty.

DCM Offers Online
Product Guide

DCM Company of Elkhart, Ind., offers a CD-ROM version of its product identification guide available either from the company or as a download from its website. The guide includes the key identification points an auto glass installer needs to collect when sourcing replacement glass and windows for motor homes, travel trailers, van conversions and shuttle buses. Using this information, DCM can identify the window and determine the correct replacement part to ship.


The last issue of AGRR contained an error in the product name of Burco Inc.’s new automotive mirror. (See The Showroom, page 6, “Burco Adds to Redi-Stock Line.”) The correct name for the new mirror addition to Burco’s Redi-Products line is Redi-Stick. AGRR regrets the error.


Powr-Push™ Windshield Removal System Features Safety, Convenience and Simplicity

The new Powr-Push windshield removal system drew quite a crowd when it was demonstrated at the Spring Glass Expo which was held last March in Las Vegas. The tool provides an alternative for technicians to remove glass without using their bodies as the primary “tool” during the removal process.

The Powr-Push enables technicians to control the glass during removal and reduce effort and strain when removing the glass. By applying a gentle pressure to the inside of the windshield, the tool provides regulated and controlled outward pressure on the glass during removal. The company says it can be set up in seconds and is easy to learn.

The tool, marketed exclusively through Equalizer, can eliminate the practices that involve using the head, neck and shoulders to exert pressure during windshield removal. It can also be used on backlites. According to the company, the Powr-Push complies with workplace safety standards, portable tools and equipment government standards, and has been cited by OSHA as having merit in reduction of injuries in automotive glass replacement. According to the company, there are approximately 100 Powr-Push tools in use today, and many shops have chosen them for their ability to prevent injuries.


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