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by Walt Gorman


Q:I tell my customers what a repair can and cannot do, but occasionally when it’s done they are disappointed because it’s not distortion free. What should I do?

“Undersell and over deliver” is your best defense against disappointed customers. Most customers judge only the repair’s final appearance, unless before you begin, you explain that this is a repair, not a cosmetic treatment. Incidentally, the break will look better by 60-70 percent (depending on the type, age, size etc.). You should also explain the advantages of repair vs. replacement, including the dangers inherent with breaking the factory seal. When it turns out even better than your estimate, the customer will be very pleased.

If a customer seems especially picky or finicky, I start to pack up my tools and say, “Mr. Jones, you have a nice vehicle and are obviously very particular about it. You probably would not be happy with anything but a new windshield.” Very quickly, he will weigh the advantages: cost, safety, convenience, plus the fact that a new windshield could pick up a rock chip, and reply, “No, go ahead and do it.” At this point he has made the decision and, instead of complaining, becomes a booster for you.

  wpe16.jpg (1539 bytes)Walt Gorman is the owner and founder of A-1 Windshield Repair Inc. in Seekonk, MA. He also runs a training school for windshield repair technicians.


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