March/April 2000

Our technician of the month


Mike Koditek

Windshield City
of Chantilly

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Name: Mike Koditek
City, State: Chantilly, Virginia
Company: Windshield City of Chantilly
Age: 34
Years in Business: Nine
Family: Wife Mary, two sons, Michael and Thomas, aged two and four
Hobbies: Workaholic
Best thing about the auto glass business: Meeting different people,  getting to know customers
Worst thing about the auto glass business: Weather

AGRR’s TopTech® for the month is Mike Koditek, owner-installer of Windshield City of Chantilly, Va. Koditek started as a mechanic in Harrisonburg, Va., and did his auto glass training there at what is now Windshield City of Harrisonburg. He opened and developed the Chantilly location nine years ago. In the beginning, he ferried windshields between the two locations in the back of his Ford Escort. Now he installs glass in luxury cars from Lexus to Saabs throughout the Washington, D.C., area.

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The best part of the glass business for Koditek is getting to know his customers. “The big companies lose the personal touch,” Koditek says. Being a business owner has met his expectations. “It’s a lot of work, but I’m used to it. My brother and I always worked as kids, things like mowing lawns.” In fact, when Koditek had the opportunity to move inside he refused, saying he would much rather continue as an installer. Koditek enjoys the daily contact with his customers and has no plans to quit. Besides, he is not a fan of the paper work that goes with working behind a desk.

His family helps him now in the business. Brother, George, maintains the company’s website, and Dad, George Sr., answers the company’s e-mail. Sons, Mikey and Tommy, occasionally accompany Dad on mobile repairs or to dealerships where they’ve been known to play games with the sales managers. His brother, George, submitted Mike’s name for the TopTech designation saying he has developed such a name for his quality workmanship that two major luxury manufacturers have contacted him several times for consulting.

Working in the Washington area gives Koditek plenty of opportunities to work on VIP’s cars. He has a momento from one. Washington Capital player Peter Bondra autographed his old windshield and it now hangs in Koditek’s shop.

Work and a young family don’t allow much time for hobbies or vacations. He did recently, though, enjoy a trip to Mexico City sponsored in part by Sekurit. Along with touring two plants and a warehouse, he also managed a two-day break in Acapulco.

Koditek’s business has come a long way since its start nine years ago. Where he once worked alone replacing two windshields a day, he and his staff of four now replace 600 to 700 a month. As his brother says, Koditek’s reputation for service, quality and price make him a TopTech.


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