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May/June 2000

        new products



Let the Sun Shine in
Through a Flextec Sunroof

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Flextec Inc. of Sterling Heights, Mich., says its sunroofs are built for those who love to drive. Made of aluminum, stainless steel and tempered glass, the company says its product will outlast any car, truck or van. Flextec offers a lifetime guarantee on all of its sunroofs.


Jackson Steps Out with Electric Sliders

Jackson Manufacturing of Elkhart, Ind., is featuring a new series of Duo-Slide™ electric sliding truck windows for most current truck models and extended cab versions. The window features a motor and drive system that is contained within the window, two bi-directional slider panels and special motor drive system. Also featured are a steel cable and main gear incorporated into the drive system, as well as a flush mount main frame and solar privacy glass with silk-screened border.


Windshield Washer Fluid Washed Up

A recall notice has been issued for approximately 335,000 bottles of Aqua Mist Windshield Washer due to the absence of childproof caps and the resulting possibility of blindness or poisoning being caused by the presence of methanol in the fluid. The washer fluid, made by Filter Tech Inc. of Huntington, W.Va., has received no reports of injury at this time. Aqua Mist was marketed in Kentucky, Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania and West Virginia through Speedway Superamerica and other automotive stores. The product may be returned for a full refund, exchange or child resistant cap.


Sika Offers Adhesives

Sika Corporation of Madison Heights, Mich., offers a number of adhesives for the AGR industry. The company’s SikaTack®-Plus HM, high-modulus, non-conductive windshield adhesive can be used to bond windows with an integrated antenna, while the SikaTack-Ultrafast II hot-applied windshield adhesive is a one-component, polyurethane windshield adhesive with high green strength. Finally, the SikaTack-Drive cold-applied windshield ad-hesive is a fast-curing adhesive formulated for cold application.


It’s in the Bucket—Scrubs That
Tackle Dirt and Grease

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Premoistened, heavy-duty towels that loosen, dissolve and absorb grease come your way from Madison, Wis.-based Aegis Tools International. The company says Scrubs in a Bucket are deep-cleaning towels that remove tough-to-clean substances such as urethane, heavy grease, lubricants, caulk and sealants, while leaving hands with no drying or residue. After cleaning your hands, you can use Scrubs to clean tools, equipment, plastics, vinyl and metal.




Dynaloy Develops Flushing Solvent

For auto glass installers in need of a urethane flushing solvent, Dynaloy Inc. of Indianapolis, may have the answer. Company representatives say its solvent is safer than many others with a flash point greater than 300 degrees and no hazardous materials. Dynaloy removes urethane residue while allowing silicone mold release agents to remain so the mold may go back into production without undergoing the entire seasoning process, according to the company. The product is effective on urethane-based adhesives, resins and foam.


Sprayway Presents New Cleaner

Sprayway® Inc. of Addison, Ill., has introduced Spray No. 43 Ammoniated Glass Cleaner, which the company says will not leave residue or streaking while eradicating dirt and grime. It is recommended for use on windshields, windows and other surfaces.


Matthews Makes
Its Mark with
New Products

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Pittsburgh-based Matthews International Corporation has introduced four laser-marking systems for permanent, consistent marking. The new system offers high speed coding of several lines of text and produces quality marks for precision bar codes, texts and identification marks including logos. Matthews offers scanning lasers, which use a single beam, and dynamic lasers which print in a dot matrix pattern. Both systems allow for static marking, as well as “on the fly” use.

Also new from Matthews is the new Airgrit® Model 7650, which makes it easy to indelibly mark delicate, yet hard surfaces, such as glass and metal. Matthews recently unveiled this economical bench model system, which the company says offers stress free marking without fracture or distortion. The compact unit operates on the forced-blast principle and blows a fine, abrasive grit leaving a frosted impression that contrasts with the product’s surface.

In related company news, Matthews has designed the Print-A-Mark™ offset printing system that is motor driven and integrates directly with the production line. Combin-ing adhesive black rubber dies that contain marking information that appears on the glass and ceramic frit-type links, this system works not only in the offset printer, but also will fuse to the glass during tempering to make a permanent mark.

Lastly, Matthews has developed a pneumatically operated Contact Coder (Model CC100) for use in intermittent coding operations such as logos, product codes, expiration dates, prices and more. The coder can be integrated with form, fill and seal equipment, as well as bagging and cartoning operations to form a complete packaging system.


Sommer & Maca Introduces
One-Part Urethane

Sommer & Maca has added a one-part auto glass urethane to its product line, which the company says has a safe drive-away time range of 30 minutes to three hours. To activate this product’s unique chemistry, the product must be heated in a urethane oven for one hour.


Manage Your Business
with Glass Check

The Glass Check™ Management System is designed specifically for the glass industry. The integrated package offers control of major business functions including inventory, purchasing, receivables and payables. It also features an electronic catalog with both a NAGS® and a VIN database. The company, based in Milton, Mass., says this is a user-friendly system providing a simple-to-use management tool.


Rose City Glasparts Introduces CD-ROM

Rose City Glasparts of Gresham, Ore., has introduced a CD-ROM database for the auto/RV industry. The database features more than 500 motorhomes listed by model and manufacturer. Representatives from the company say the database has a quick quote report that can help the user access complete information and make a comprehensive bid in 30 seconds.



Hilti Introduces Laser Range Meter

Hilti, of Tulsa, Okla., has added a new laser range meter to its line of positioning systems. The PD20 features a large, easy-to-read screen, is user-friendly and provides a quick readout of measurements. The meter has an integrated calculator for instant determination of area and volume, the company says. The PD20 also features a “pythagoras” key that allows quick measurement of the height of inaccessible structures, such as telephone poles, and stores the four previous measurements taken.


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