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May/June 2000

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by Walt Gorman


Q: Recently, I was told by two different insurance carriers, or more accurately, by the glass network that handles their claims, that they will only approve cracks the length of a dollar bill (approximately 6 inches or shorter), and that any windshield with a longer crack than that must be replaced. For years I have repaired long cracks safely and successfully—why this change?

This topic was widely and informally discussed at the NWRA convention. Here’s what the consensus of opinion seemed to be: Most good technicians are able to repair cracks 18 inches and longer. Most of the networks are glass manufacturers and operate retail shops, to which they are accused of steering business. There is much more profit to be made on a $350 replacement than a $60 repair and their compensation plans are based partly on dollar volume produced by the techs.

Unfortunately, the insurance carriers tend to rely on the networks for expertise in these matters. The recent 20/20 exposť may change their thinking.

[*Note: The opinion expressed above is that of the columnist, and not necessarily representative of the views of the NWRA.]

  wpe16.jpg (1539 bytes)Walt Gorman is the owner and founder of A-1 Windshield Repair Inc. in Seekonk, MA. He also runs a training school for windshield repair technicians.


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