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May/June 2000

Repair News



Glass Mechanix Debuts Low-Cost
Windshield Repair System

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Glass Mechanix® of Ft. Lauderdale, Fla., announces a windshield repair system under $600 designed for auto glass shops. The company developed the system to provide a solution to equipment that is bulky, difficult to set-up and hard to use. According to the company, the Power Vac Glass Shop kit eliminates 98 percent of all drilling.

In related news, Glass Mechanix® now offers detailed product descriptions and prices in its new equipment and supply catalog. Organized by part number with accompanying pictures, the catalog includes complete ordering information. The company also offers a free video that demonstrates its new Power-Vac Injector Systems.


Shipments of Resins are Rising in Asia

Japanese domestic shipments of low-density polyethylene, high-density polyethylene and polypropylene showed year-on-year gains in April. Polystyrene shipments dropped slightly, however, according to the Japan Petrochemical Industry Association.

The trade association went on to say that with the current strength of the Asian economy, the drop is expected to be only temporary. Exports of all four general-purpose resins dropped with expectations of falling Asian market prices, and caused China and other countries to delay purchases.


Don’t Mess With the Scratch Hog

A new scratch removal system designed to make scratch removal easy and affordable is available from Glass Technology of Durango, Colo. According to the company, the Scratch Hog combines a special motion with compounds to make scratch removal quick and easy.


UV Process Supply Premieres Curing System

UV Process Supply Inc. of Chicago, Ill., has introduced the Portable 2 UV Curing System for glass repair and other applications. Representatives from the company say the lamp is a compact, low-cost option for those in the repair field. It features a 110-volt, 200-watt-per-inch starter and a patented irradiator design that provides a 2-inch curing area and low heat build-up. The irradiator weighs only 5 pounds, and can also be mounted easily in any position, according to the company.

“The Portable 2 introduces a new, significantly lower price point in UV curing equipment,” states Stephen Siegel, president of UV Process Supply. “By greatly reducing the cost of bringing UV curing systems to market, we can work more effectively in opening new markets and in developing new UV curing


Atlas Unleashes Pit Rogue

Atlas Windshield of Birmingham, Ala., has introduced Pit Rogue, a polish designed to put a crystal-clear luster on a finished windshield repair. The company says its formula can be applied by hand and buffed with a soft cloth after the pit filler has been cured and scraped. In addition, the Pit Rogue is thicker than most finishing polishes, which allows for easier polishing of vertical applicators, according to the company.


Liquid Resins Showcases Brochure

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Olney, Ill.-based Liquid Resins International Ltd. is offering a catalog featuring its repair kits, tools and training. Videos and a training manual are also available. Featured in the catalog are the company’s repair kits, training tools, vacuum pumps, curing sheets, curing lamps, probes, tool boxes and vacuum cups. New in this issue, is the company’s Acid Free Resin for those allergic to acrylic acid-based resin, and Heating/Dryer System which uses forced air heat to quickly dry water filled windshield breaks for quicker repairs.


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