July/August  2000

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Pros Who Know

by Dave Shores


During the last few weeks I have been talking to windshield repair technicians from all across the country. Most of the technicians who are new to our industry have had common questions.

Since many of them said that they could still see where the original break was after they had finished the repair, one of their first questions was: “How do I know that my windshield repair is a good repair?” As I talked with them about their repair techniques and processes, we eventually discovered that they were usually doing quality repairs but their expectations were too high.

Those of us who have been in this industry for any amount of time know that no repair is going to be completely invisible. Even the highest quality repairs have a water spot appearance in the pit area. The amount of damage to the break and its age are usually the main arbiters of how the finished repair will look.

Once new technicians know that the legs on star breaks are still going to be visible from some angles and hairline fractures in the cone will rarely go away completely, they feel much better about the quality of the work they are doing.

To do quality work, it is important to remember that there are three steps that must be completed during the repair process. They are:

1. All air must be removed from the break.

2. The break must be filled with resin.

3. The resin must be completely cured.

Failure to do any of these steps means the repair has not been completed. I am sure we have all seen breaks that still had air in them or weren’t filled with resin after the repair was completed. Most of this kind of work is done by technicians who bought a repair kit and were not willing to invest the time or money to learn how to use it. Unfortunately, these are not the technicians who are reading this article because they have not joined the industry associations, or made an effort to become educated.

Anyone who wants to build a business, even a part time business, should get all the training he or she can. It will make him/her more qualified to do windshield repairs and the results will be of a higher quality. Additionally, anyone who is going to be in this industry should be certified through the NWRA Auto Glass Repair Certification program. We should all do our part to increase the professionalism of our industry. Our customers will respect us more and they will help to spread our story.  

wpeD.jpg (2679 bytes) Dave Shores is the marketing director for Glas-Weld Systems Inc., and serves on the board of directors for the National Windshield Repair Association.


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