Ju;y/August 2000

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Keys to Success

by Steve Coyle


With all of the turmoil going on in the industry—bankruptcies, mergers, and so forth, it’s easy to lose track of what is going on within your own business. Take a minute, sit back and ask yourself “What do I need to do to survive?” The answer does not lie in cutting corners to reduce costs. In fact, the path to success goes in the opposite direction.

By providing quality customer service, using quality parts and supplies and training your people to do quality work, you will assure customer satisfaction with each job you perform. When customers are satisfied, not only will they give you repeat business, but they will also help market your services by word of mouth, which is the best type of advertising.

Providing exceptional customer service puts you ahead of most glass replacement companies. Too often companies only focus on the initial sale and forget that their actual job is to meet and exceed the customer’s expectations. How many times have customers called wondering what time your technicians will arrive to replace his or her windshield? Chances are customers need to use their vehicle, which means you may have already caused an inconvenience by having their car. Even if the job is performed correctly when the technician does arrive, the customer will only remember that you were late or didn’t show up when you were expected. Managing customer expectations when you were scheduling the job could have easily prevented this. This is only one small example of how easy it can be to lose a customer. If you want your business to succeed you must provide quality customer service.

Assuming you do everything in your power to provide the service your customers expect, you need to perform the installation correctly. If not, the customer is inconvenienced further by having to call and by having his or her vehicle taken away again to be fixed. In an extreme case, the installation could fail and you would be involved in a liability case, which will definitely not help your success. By selecting the correct products for your shop and training your technicians on proper procedures, you can greatly reduce the chance of any problems with the installation.

It’s easy to see how customer service and quality work go hand in hand. Whether your company is one shop or hundreds of shops, these are definitely the keys to success in today’s markets.  

Steve Coyle is part of the Performance Achievement Group, an auto glass training company in Madison, Wis.


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