September/October 2000

Special Report    

Text of Sheri Beaver Letter to Participants

September 7, 2000

Thank you for your participation in Glass Claim Express. This letter confirms acceptance of your agreement. 

As was indicated in the announcement that accompanied the agreement, the changes in Glass Claim Express are designed to improve efficiency and deliver greater overall customer satisfaction to Allstate policyholders. Accordingly, this letter and enclosure are your invitation to participate in a new optional feature. Customized Offers© is described in detail in the enclosed Users Guide, and is intended to enable you to refine, within certain parameters, your pricing offer to Allstate.

 Addendum 1 to the Glass Service Provider Agreement is offered to all Glass Claim Express Participants. Addendum 1 provides the ground rules for the operation of the Customized Offers© option, and should be filed with your signed copy of the Allstate GSP Agreement. There is no need to acknowledge to Allstate or LYNX Services from PPG your receipt of Addendum 1.

[The registration number below has been assigned to you by LYNX Services from PPG.

 Please retain this information in a secure location, along with the PIN you provided with the Glass Service Provider Agreement, as they are critical to your ability to exercise the option of customizing your offer to Allstate either via the Internet or manually.

As you know, your participation in Glass Claim Express provides your company with the opportunity to serve Allstate policyholders’ needs for auto glass replacement and/or repair services even when the policyholder has not specifically requested your services. The Glass Claim Express administrator, LYNX Services from PPG, will always honor consumer choice when a service provider is requested by a policyholder. When there is no choice expressed by the policy holder, a list of Glass Claim Express participants providing service in the policyholder’s area is provided to the policyholder from which the policyholder may make a selection for the services needed.

Allstate Glass Claim Express
GSPA, Addendum 1
Additional Discounting Offers
September 7, 2000

The enclosed Users Guide details the procedures as to how participants may exercise the option to customize their price offer to Allstate, and thereby improve their opportunity for being included in the list of GSP participants which will be provided to policyholders who do not express a choice of provider.

Please be sure to thoroughly read the enclosed information and procedures in the sequence provided to help assure a full understanding of Addendum 1 and the terms of any customized offer.

LYNX Services from PPG has established a variety of methods for you to get answers to questions regarding Addendum 1 and how to utilize Customized Offers©.

The enclosed Users Guide provides many details.
The Customized Offers© Frequently Asked Questions.
Owner/Officer Secured Area of
Dial (941) 479-6000, press 3 and follow the voice prompts for questions relating to Customized Offers©.

Thank you again for your participation in Glass Claim Express.


Sherri Beaver
Manager, National Glass Program

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