September/October 2000

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The 2000 Bonneville

by Ken Jarvis

The windshield moulding on the new 2000 Pontiac Bonneville is a new, ridged design and usually cannot be removed prior to windshield removal. The moulding is quite durable but if it is bent or twisted during the removal it should be replaced.

Here is how to remove and install the windshield on a 2000 Pontiac Bonneville:

1. Remove the rearview mirror, wiper arms and the bottom cowl to expose the bottom portion of the windshield. The outermost ends of the cowl are attached to the windshield moulding.

2. With the engine hood lowered, remove the setting blocks from the lower edge of the glass. Cut the bottom urethane bead to the corners of the windshield as far as you can. (Note: There is a foam dam attached to the windshield just inside the urethane bead, so a standard cold knife is recommended.)

3. From the inside of the car, carefully cut the urethane as close to the glass as possible without cutting into the moulding.

4. From the outside of the car, carefully lift the bottom center of the glass so that the windshield flexes enough to release it from the moulding. This should leave the moulding attached to the urethane bead and the car. The foam dam can be removed from the glass and reused if it is not damaged.

5. Gently cut the moulding from the urethane bead so as not to bend or twist it.

6. Remove the remaining urethane from the car.

7. Apply primer to any areas of the car that may have been scratched during the removal and attach the setting blocks to the car.

8. Clean and prep the new windshield according to the urethane manufacturer’s specs.

9. Attach the moulding to the new windshield. Make sure the moulding is centered on the glass. (The original moulding has a notch cut in the center to line up with the mark on the top center of the windshield.) Attach the foam dam to the windshield. This dam also reduces engine noise from inside the car.

10. Apply the new urethane bead to the windshield and reinstall.

11. Reinstall the cowl, wiper arms and the rearview mirror.

 Ken Jarvis is with Crystal Glass of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.



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