September/October 2000

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Customized Offer
Frequently Asked Questions

Text of Allstate’s Customized Offer Frequently Asked Questions
Prepared and distributed by LYNX Services

Q: What is Customized Offers.

A: Customized Offers is a tool that allows glass service providers to submit their own customized offer of pricing to Allstate.

Q: Why has this kind of tool been introduced?

A: This tool is a direct response to needs expressed by glass service providers across the country who have asked to have control over their own pricing offers. They want to be able to adjust their discounts based on local market conditions. Customized Offers is the tool that provides this opportunity within the limits established.

Q: Am I obligated to adjust my pricing via a customized offer?

A: No. The option is strictly voluntary and you are under no obligation to adjust your pricing.

Q: Am I still under the provisions of the Allstate Glass Service Provider Agreement?

A: Yes. Addendum I, while optional, is part of the Allstate GSP Agreement. All provisions of the Agreement remain in effect.

Q: Do I need to sign or return an acceptance of Addendum 1?

A: No. Exercising the option of offering additional discounting via Customized Offers is voluntary, there is no need to sign, return or otherwise acknowledge receipt of the addendum.

Q: I get Allstate jobs in a variety of ways…from LYNX, agents, walk-ins, etc. Which Allstate jobs are affected by my customized offer?

A: All work your company performs for Allstate is to be billed at the pricing you indicated in your customized offer. Since all work requires a dispatch number be assigned prior to starting the work, you will be advised by LYNX Services of the price in effect for the work at the time the dispatch number is provided.

Q: Is consumer choice affected by my customized offer?

A: No. Consumer choice is always honored regardless of whether or not you exercise your option to make a customized offer.

Q: How many companies will LYNX Services offer to the policyholder when the consumer has not expressed a choice?

A: Three companies that provide service in the policyholder’s area will be offered.

Q: How is the list of companies offered when there is no consumer choice identified?

A: The application will search for the participating glass service providers that are in the vicinity of the policyholder. The system will populate the screen with the names of three companies. The first two company names on the list will be among those offering the most competitive price to Allstate. The third company name on the list will have had the longest elapsed time since it was last dispatched an Allstate, non- consumer choice, claim regardless of whether or not that company has made a customized offer to Allstate.

NOTE: The policyholder will be presented all three of the company names from which to select a provider.

Q: What if my company has shops in more than one of Allstate’s Territories?

A: Customized Offers provides the ability for the GSP to offer additional discounting in any or all of the 4 territories, as it sees fit.

Q: What happens to my customized offer at the time of a list price change?

A: Changes in list pricing do not directly affect your customized offer in any way. A customized offer that has been confirmed will remain effective until changed by the GSP.

Q: What happens to my customized offer if Allstate revises the minimum level of discount or maximum repair price for Glass Claim Express?

A: If Allstate revises the required discount levels, you will have the option to revise your offer. Your additional discount offer remains in effect until you change it.

Q: Is there a minimum or maximum number of times I can adjust my pricing?

A: No. The only restriction is that your customized offer must remain in effect for 120 days before the additional discount can be reduced, or the repair price raised, thus raising your price to Allstate. You can however, increase the additional discount or lower the repair price, thus reducing your price, as often as you feel necessary. Applicable submission fees will apply to each submitted offer. In the event that Allstate announces a change in their program pricing, you will be allowed to submit a new customized offer effective with the Allstate change in program pricing, regardless of the number of days that have passed since your last customized offer was submitted.

Q: I don’t want my competitors to know my pricing. How secure is the Internet Customized Offers application?

A: The purpose of creating unique logon ID’s and user passwords for GSP owner/officers is to provide security and integrity in the Internet Customized Offers process. Only those you inform will know your unique logon ID and password and therefore have access to the Customized Offers tool for your company. It is highly recommended that you protect your ID and password used to access the owner/officer section of the LYNX website with the same level of security as you would a credit card or banking card.

Q: How secure is the manual Customized Offers process?

A: Every reasonable effort will be made by LYNX Services to ensure the security of manual Customized Offers while the documents are in our possession. However, given the “paper trail” nature of these changes, they cannot be as confidential as the secured, password protected, Internet transaction. GSPs are encouraged to utilize the Internet Customized Offers. for submitting or revising additional discounting offers.

Q: Who has access to Customized Offers for my company?

A: The registration number which enables the upgrade to the owner/officer secured area within is only sent to the individual who signed the Allstate Glass Service Provider Agreement. We recommend that you securely manage the Registered User ID and password, as you would other confidential information. Only those who know your Registered User ID and password will have access to your company’s customized offer.

Q: Can I review the Customized Offers of the other GSP’s in my area?

A. NO. A GSP’s customized offer is confidential. Access to Customized Offers is strictly controlled in both the Internet and Manual process to allow access to a GSP’s information only by those authorized.

Q: How quickly will my new offer be effective after I enter the changes?

A: Offers submitted via the Internet Customized Offers. will be effective at 12:00 AM Eastern the following day provided the entry is successfully submitted prior to 11:00PM Eastern.

Manually submitted price changes will not be effective as quickly. After LYNX Services has processed a manual Customized Offers update form, a confirmation fax will be sent notifying the GSP that the customized offer has been entered and the effective date. The effective date will be three (3) days after LYNX Services processes the offer, to allow sufficient time for the submitter to review and advise of corrections if needed.

Q:What is the confirmation process for a price change request submitted via Customized OffersÓ?

A: Users of the Internet Customized Offers will be presented with a control number at the confirmation page where the submitted price changes are summarized. It is recommended that you print or record this confirmation number for your records.

Manual Customized Offers. will be confirmed via a confirmation fax after the offer has been entered by LYNX Services, with an effective date three (3) days from the LYNX Services processing date. The confirmation fax will also include the control number for the price changes.

Q:How do I complete the manual Customized Offers update form?

A: An example of a fully completed manual Customized Offers update form was included in the announcement packet for your information. Keep in mind the following when completing the form:

Clearly print all information.

The current program discount must equal the current Allstate Agreement pricing in the territory for which you are submitting your offer.

The sum of the current program discount and the additional discount being offered must equal the total discount.

The form may be completed for any or all of the four territories.

Sign and date all forms.

The form must include the PIN you provided with your signed Agreement.

Incomplete, inaccurate or illegible forms will be returned and will NOT be processed. However, the$50.00 processing fee will still apply.

Q:How do I access the Internet Customized OffersÓ?

A: The Internet Customized Offers can be accessed via Click on the “Login” button on the left navigation bar after entering “Installer Resources” from the LYNX Services home page. Complete the login then click on the “Customized Offers” button on the left navigation bar and follow the on-screen instructions.

First time users will not see the Owner/Officer Secured buttons because you have not yet set up your Owner/Officer account. Instead you will see an “Owner/Officer Upgrade” button, click on it and then the register now link at the top of the page. You will need the registration number included in the announcement package and the PIN you provided with your signed, Glass Service Provider Agreement to set up your Owner/Officer account.

Q: How will I know that my price needs to be revised?

A: The decision to modify the pricing you offer, based on market information and other business factors, is yours alone.

Q: What if I forget my Registered User ID or password?

A: The Internet application provides the ability for you to receive your Registered User ID or password via email. Click the Forgot Password button or the Forgot User ID button when presented with the option to do so. Enter your e-mail address (which you provided during initial registration) and a correct answer to the security challenge question(s). Your user ID or password will be emailed to you shortly. If you are unable to supply the information required, you must request a new registration number in writing from LYNX Services. Contact Participant Services at (941) 479-6000 option 5 for instructions.



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