September/October 2000



NAGS Introduces Air Bag Reference Guide

National Auto Glass Specifications International has introduced its newest reference guide. The annual Air Bag Quick Reference Guide covers airbags in both domestic and foreign cars, made since 1985.


Furnace Cameras
See and Prevent Windshield Breakage

When Guardian Industries Inc. of Auburn Hills, Mich., needed to monitor its high-temperature glass-bending process more closely, company officials turned to John M. Pultz Co. Inc. for a video monitoring system. The result was a small water-cooled camera with an aluminum housing that could withstand the surface temperatures of about 300 degrees F near the top of each furnace where the only viewing section was located. Within six months, Pultz installed 12 of these camera systems, two per bending lehr. The two cameras at each station looked diagonally across from viewing ports on opposite sides of the lehr. Images from the two-camera systems at each lehr were transmitted by coaxial cable to two 13-inch monitors at an operator’s control station.

Donald Demski, one of the owners of Pultz, which is now part of Lenox Instrument Co. Inc., said the system was very successful from the beginning and has now been installed in every Guardian auto glass plant.


Dynalogy Introduces New Volatile Silicone Fluid

Dynaloy Inc. of Indianapolis has developed Dynasolve SF-30 Fluid, a new volatile silicone fluid, which can be used for specialty cleaning and carrier applications.

According to the company, the fluid is suitable for removal of silicone oils and uncured silicone materials, for use as a base fluid or carrier solvent, as well as providing detackification, spreading and leveling properties. The company says other properties demonstrated by Dynasolve SF-30 include low toxicity, low odor, quick evaporation rate, low surface tension and VOC exempt.


Save Moulding After Removing Windshield with New Ultra Wiz Blade

Ultra Wiz® Auto Glass Tools of Wilmington, Del., introduces the Ultra Wiz Offset Moulding Blade, a cold knife blade that, according to the company, removes glass without harming the moulding. Ultra Wiz says the blade allows windshields to be removed while the moulding remains intact, allowing for greater access to the moulding without interference from the windshield, therefore permitting easy removal for reuse. Ultra Wiz also says the offset design of the cold knife helps reduce twisting while cutting. The Offset Moulding Blade features the same 1-inch cut length as the Ultra Wiz® long blade.

In addition, the Ultra Thin Cold Knife Blades also are available. According to the company, when compared to their original blades, are thinner for an easier cut and allow more control, without the increased fear of breakage. The Ultra Thin Blades feature a dual-angle edge, and come in standard, long or XL blades.


Essex ARG
Improves Cartridges

According to Dayton, Ohio-based Essex ARG, its new adhesive cartridges are easy to use. Featuring a new big-mouth opening, the cartridge allows adhesive to flow easily and reduces the strain on power extruder motors, the company says. In addition, the new cartridge also has a pop-top style endcap that makes opening the can a less strenuous process, according to the company.


Glasstech’s Shape Modeler® Saves
Time and Money

Glasstech Inc. of Perrysburg, Ohio, has released its Shape Modeler software package, a program which allows designers to evaluate the feasibility of auto glass designs while the diagrams are still in CAD format, created digitally by computer. By identifying problems in a glass design before it is actually produced, Glasstech says the Shape Modeler increases productivity, decreases optical distortion and saves money.

According to the company, tests have shown that the software package is accurate up to ¼-thousandths of an inch. In addition, Glasstech says the software package is capable of evaluating designs intended for creation on Glasstech equipment, including its own Deep Bend Advanced Bending and Tempering System for Automotive Glass.

The company says it already has signed a licensing agreement with a major European automotive manufacturer for use of the Shape Modeler and is discussing similar agreements with three of the major U.S. auto manufacturers.


Mainstreet Makes Job Easier with Glas-Avenue

Mainstreet, a computer software company from Belleville, Mich., has developed a software program for the auto glass repair and replacement industry, Glas-Avenue Repair. The software creates and prints invoices, keeps detailed customer histories, transmits invoices electronically and lets you access the company’s technical support team without charge. The software, compatible with Microsoft Windows ’95®, also integrates with Mainstreet’s Glas-Accountant software.


Internet Access Now Included With RV Windshield Identifier Database

Rose City Glasparts of Gresham, Ore., has expanded the format of its RV windshield identifier in CD-ROM form, to include an Internet access program. According to the company, the web-based database is updated continuously and allows the subscriber to compare suggested labor prices, technical tips, national average net prices, part numbers, block sizes and applications for more than 570 models. A written manual also is available.



REHAU Offers U-Lip Moulding with OEM
Features and 17-mm Accent Line

REHAU Inc. of Leesburg, Va., has introduced the U-Lip windshield moulding as its newest addition to the UniFit™ line of universal replacement windshield mouldings.

“The U-Lip moulding was developed primarily for Chrysler mini-van applications,” said Kerry Smith, UniFit product manager. “It also serves as a direct factory replacement moulding for some late-model Audis and Volkswagens.”

According to the company, the UniFit U-Lip is co-extruded with a soft “helper” and primary lips, and a slightly harder glass channel opening that improves upon original equipment (OE) design. The moulding is factory-primed and pliable at low temperatures, eliminating the need for preconditioning or softening prior to installation. The company also says the Uni-Fit U-Lip is manufactured from OE-grade polymer materials that are compounded to exceed new vehicle specifications for discoloration, shrinkage and weathering.

In addition, REHAU also has introduced its new 17-mm Accent Line as part of its UniFit™ family of universal replacement windshield mouldings. According to the company, the Accent Line will enable an installation shop to dress up a replacement windshield with little or no additional cost. “The Accent Line features a small indentation in the moulding’s crown that creates a visually enhancing effect,” said Smith. The company also said the UniFit line is manufactured to meet or exceed new vehicle specifications for discoloration, shrinkage, and weathering.


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