January/April 2001

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Planning Creates Success
by Dave Shores

Now that we are into a new year, it is time to evaluate where we are and to do some serious planning. 

I talk to many of you each year and find that most of us don’t spend enough time planning or developing a marketing plan. I will let you know right now that I am as bad at planning as anyone. So let’s start with some reminders of what we need to do to be more successful in the windshield repair business. 

Success means different things to different people as I recently learned from my two older sons. They informed me that I live to work while they work to live. That explains why they have a lot more time to hunt and fish than I do. 

Some people measure success by how much money they make while others measure their success by how much time off they have. No matter what your definition of success is, you need to plan to attain it. 

It all begins with sitting down and writing out your plan for the new year. Write down what your goals are for you and your business. Those goals can be as simple as doing a certain number of repairs per day or making so much money per week.

While your goals need to be attainable, they also need to be set high enough so that you have to push yourself to attain them. Now that you have your goals written down, it is time to develop a game plan to help you reach them. 

This plan must be detailed. Where and how are you going to find more work? Are you going to expand your market area or are you going to work more hours? Where are you going to advertise and what is your advertising budget? Are you going to add other services that may give you a competitive advantage? If you want to work less time, are you going to work in the mornings or the afternoons? What days are you going to take off?

Once your plan is done, you must share it with someone. That someone may be your business partner or your significant other. This person needs to help you make sure that the plan is followed. Sharing the plan forces you to become more committed to it.
Here are a couple of sayings that I feel say it all: 

• “Failing to plan is planning to fail.” 

• “Plan your work and work your plan.”

In other words, if you want to build a successful business you need to plan and then follow your plan. 

Dave Shores is the marketing director for Glas-Weld Systems Inc. of Bend, Ore., and serves on the board of directors for the National Windshield Repair Association.


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