January/April 2001

Independents’ Days 
Industry Takes Holiday in April

Many people celebrate Christmas in July, a humorous take on the winter holiday. But, few people attempt to celebrate Independence Day at any other date than July 4, with the exception of one important group in our midst—the Independent Glass Association (IGA). The association will hold its annual forum and glass show, “Independents’ Days,” April 4-7 in Memphis, Tenn., at the Marriott Downtown. And, for the first time ever, the IGA is allowing non-members to attend, as long as they work with independent glass shops with less than 100 stores.

Banning together in the former hometown of the great, late Elvis Presley, the group will together face issues like steering, short pays, insurance billing and competing with large auto glass chains. In an effort to solve these issues, the show will include seminars titled, “How to Direct Bill Insurance Companies,” “Learn About the IGA’s New Insurance Billing Service,” “Steering, What Can Independents Do About It?,” “Auto Glass Pricing: Is It Time for a Change?” and “How to Get Customers Before They Call Their Insurer.” These seminars will be held in the mornings of April 5-7, with varying hours each day. 

In addition to the educational events, a trade show will offer attendees the chance to check out the latest in independent glass shops across the country. The trade show will be open each afternoon, both April 5 and 6, between the hours of 3 and 7 p.m., once the seminars of the day have ended. In the past, seminars and the trade show ran at the same times, but through a survey amongst members, the IGA found that only 36 percent of its membership wanted the trade show to remain open during the educational events.

Those interested in attending or exhibiting at the show can register on the IGA’s website, http://www.iga.org, or by calling the association at 909/659-5972.


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