January/April 2001

    New Products

CRL Inverters Make Power Tools Portable

Los Angeles-based C.R. Laurence Co. Inc. (CRL) has developed the ProSine and PROSINE ProWatt Power Inverters for powering vacuums, cut-out tools and other power tools used in mobile glass jobs. The ProSine 1000 Power Inverter utilizes a true sine wave that runs just like power from an outlet and is required to run certain tools. The inverter can power any tool in its power, just as if it were plugged into a wall outlet.

“Heavy duty motor loads start quicker and run cooler operating from a ProSine Inverter than from square wave or modified sine wave inverters. This results in better equipment operation and longer equipment life,” said Rick Nelson, automotive products manager.

PROWATT For those tools that do not require a sine wave, CRL has available the ProWatt 1500 Power Inverter. The inverter has an internal circuitry system that protects the equipment from spikes and voltage fluctuations. In addition, the company says the ProWatt 1500 automatically shuts down when the inverter’s battery voltage is too low or too high, or if it overheats or becomes overloaded.

“For those mobile technicians who already have a generator in their system, the ProWatt 1500 makes an ideal partner,” Nelson added. “They can use the ProWatt for lower power or intermittent loads and save the generator for heavy-duty continuous loads.” 


Houston Company Gives Auto Glass Shops Mobileyes™ with Latest Launch

Houston-based Advanced Tracking Technologies Inc. has launched its Mobileyes vehicle tracking system for small companies who wish to ensure that their mobile employees are actually working when on the road. Likewise, they can be certain that the employees are arriving on time and can keep track of where the truck is at any given point in the day. The company expects the service to meet the needs of companies with five to 50 vehicles in their fleets.

Mobileyes utilizes two previous launches from the company, the Shadow Tracker™ and the Time Traveler™. Both are small enough for easy transport, and, if desired, can be concealed from the driver’s view, according to the company. Each can be installed on any Windows® 95/98/2000/ME or NT operating systems.

The Inspector Follows Up on Cleaning Practices

Creative Solutions of Towson, Md., now has available a product which it says will make checking windshields for cleanliness a cinch, according to a press release issued by the company. The product is “The Inspector,” and it does just that—inspects glass surfaces, among others, to figure out if cleaning standards are being meant.

The Inspector is made as if it were a pen, but with specially formulated invisible ink. To use, the operator merely writes the date of the inspection on the surface to be cleaned with the special pen. After cleaning, the surface is inspected with an ultraviolet light. If the surface has been fully cleaned, there will be no mark. However, if the surface has not been cleaned properly, the date will appear under the ultraviolet light.

Each Inspector kit includes three invisible ink pens and one ultraviolet light. The pen is available in three types, the Hard Surface Pen, Fabric Pen and Permanent Pen, but the Hard Surface Pen is the only of the three that is used to inspect glass. The Fabric Pen is for use on most common fabrics, while the Permanent Pen is for use on inventory and property control. The Hard Surface Pen for glass is water- and detergent- soluable. The Inspector was invented by Creative Solutions’ own Pete Albert.

Dynaloy Says New Cleaner Serves as Versatile, Hazardless Alternative 
Indianapolis-based Dynaloy Inc. has developed a special product for the cleaning of silicone and metal molds used by urethane part manufacturers. The company says the product, Dynasolve Mold Cleaner 1000, will remove urethane residue, but will leave silicone mold release agent on the mold. In addition, the non-flammable, viscous solvent can be used as a silicone mold cleaner to replace other hazardous cleaning products. Dynaloy adds that the product resists splashing, thus providing for a simple, quick cleaning process.

Marcy Adhesives Introduces Underglass Mouldings
Marcey Adhesives Inc. of Columbus, Ohio, has introduced an underglass moulding for use when repairing and replacing the windshields on some of the newer model vehicles equipped with OEM underglass mouldings. Marcy Underglass Moulding is self-adhesive and sticks directly to the underside of the glass. According to the company, it elevates the glass and lies close to the pinchweld, replicating the OE finish. In addition, Marcy says it can bend around tight corners or can be mitred to fit square corners and is available in a self-dispensing box. 

Viper Springs Forth from Equalizer®, along with Freedom

EQUALIZER KNIFE Equalizer of Round Rock, Texas, has released the new Equalizer Viper, a cordless, 18-volt cut-out knife. Using one horsepower, the knife allows its operator to select any speed from zero to 22,000 oscillations per minute, according to the company. The Viper was designed in an “L” shape, but it is available in several different configurations.

Serrated blades are also available. The blades are made of spring steel and sharpened with a unique serration method, in which each serration is itself serrated. The blade, which fits all of Equalizer’s cut-out tools, is available in 4-, 8- and 12-inches.

Likewise, the Equalizer Freedom is an 18-volt cordless power tool available with a standard 120-volt charger or with a 12-volt automatic charger. The company also offers a choice of electric or pneumatic with each of its tools. This interior auto glass cut-out knife is designed to prevent the blade from hitting the pinchweld. According to the company, a patented sheath prevents the blade from hitting the pinchweld and the dash or garnish mouldings. 


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