July/August  2001

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    new car installations

Windshield Replacement 
for the 2001 Pontiac Aztec

1. Preparation:
Protect all interior and exterior portions of vehicle to prevent any damage.
Remove the mirror and disconnect the antennae lead. 

To gain access to the wipers and the cowl, you must open the hood. To remove the wipers, take off the plastic cover and remove the 13-mm wiper nuts. The wipers may be difficult to remove and may require the use of a wiper puller.

2. Removing the original windshield:
The cowl is fastened with two-piece cowl fasteners. Lift the center portion and remove the entire fastener. You will also need to remove the bulb seal along the front edge of the cowl. Disconnect the washer hose and remove the cowl panel.

The three-sided moulding is removed by starting in the bottom corner and pulling away from the glass. The glass can now be cut out using a power cut-out tool or a cold knife with a 
1 ½-inch blade.

The Performance Achievement Group (PAG) LLC always recommends using the full cut-out method. Using a sharp chisel or utility knife, remove the adhesive, leaving a thin skin of well-bonded urethane on the pinchweld. Be careful not to disturb the body paint if at all possible. Prime the pinchweld according to your adhesive manufacturer’s specifications. Concentrate only on any areas of the paint that may have been scratched or damaged during the removal process. The freshly-cut urethane bed provides the best bonding surface. Allow proper time for the primers to cure.

3. Placement of the new windshield:
Apply the new moulding to the glass, being sure the corners line up properly. With the moulding applied, prime the glass in the proper location using your adhesive manufacturer’s procedures. When the primers are dry, set the windshield and be careful not to contaminate the primed surfaces of the glass and pinchweld. Mark the proper position of the glass with a wax pencil. Once you have done this, close the doors to assure the glass is centered properly. 

Apply suction cups to their proper position on the glass, remove the windshield from opening and set it on a windshield stand with the outside of the glass facing down.

Using a “V-notch” tip cut to a size that will duplicate the original bead size, apply your high-viscosity adhesive to the glass along the edge of the moulding on the top and sides and directly on the edge of the bottom. Applying the adhesive to the glass will assure proper contact to the bonding surface. We always recommend an advanced-cure urethane for passenger side airbag-equipped vehicles.

Set the windshield into the opening using the dry-set marks as guides for proper placement, being careful not to slide the glass once contact has been made with the pinchweld. Apply slight pressure around the perimeter of the windshield. 

Leak-detect the installation to assure a water-and air-tight seal.

Open the hood and replace the cowl panel and wipers in reverse order. Reconnect the antennae lead and reinstall the mirror. 

Reports from the field
The moulding on this vehicle is one piece and wraps around the edge of the glass on three sides. It is bonded to the adhesive and could stretch or break upon removal. We recommend replacing this moulding. The OE part number is 1041 33 38 and it is available from the General Motors Corp. This vehicle has a listed option on the GT model of heads-up display, but the option is currently not available. Other options include the global positioning system, which has the antenna mounted to the glass.

This info is reprinted from TechPoints, a monthly newsletter available from Performance Achievement Group, an auto glass training company in Madison, Wis. 


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