July/August  2001

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Long Crack Agreement
by Dave Taylor

After a lengthy, detailed and exhausting two and a half years, the National Windshield Repair Association’s (NWRA) Long Crack Repair subcommittee and, subsequent to them, the NWRA’s Recommended Practice for the Repair of Windshields committee, developed changes to the Recommended Practice for the Repair of Windshields by adding long crack criteria. 

These suggested changes are going through a public comment period of 61 days that began on June 1 and runs through July 31. The changes can be found on the NWRA’s website at www.n-w-r-a.org. Comments about the long crack standards must be made in writing and mailed to the NWRA.

These changes, if enacted, finally will provide the windshield repair industry and its customers with the first industry-wide recognition of and guidelines for long crack repair. While not all windshield technicians repair long cracks, this recognition has been anticipated long and eagerly for those that do. 

When enacted, our customers will have, for the first time, an impartial reference document to use in their decision-making processes about all facets of windshield repair. While those of us in the industry tend to see long crack repair and normal repair as very different items, our customers do not. Customers tend to look at repair—whether long crack or regular—as one issue.

The current recommended practice has set the standard within the entire auto glass industry for repair issues. The inclusion of long crack repair will benefit all repairers. There have been repeated “suggestions” within the auto glass industry about repair-related subjects. All of these suggestions have been about things that were thoroughly researched and painstakingly developed in the Recommended Practice for the Repair of Windshields. Without this document, the auto glass replacement segment of our industry would determine windshield repair issues. 

Please go to the NWRA’s website, review the changes and mail us whatever comments you find appropriate. Also, you can find the entire Recommended Practice for the Repair of Windshields in a downloadable format at the site. 

Dave Taylor is president of the NWRA and secretary/treasurer of Cindy Rowe Auto Glass of Harrisburg, Pa.


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