July/August  2001

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NAGS Unveils 2001 Air Bag Guide

National Auto Glass Specifications International (NAGS), based in San Diego, now offers the 2001 NAGS Air Bag Quick Reference Manual. The manual, which is produced annually, provides information on all 2000 and 2001 models, along with a new labor time section for all listed vehicles. The manual also includes information on cautions, component locations, air bag disabling procedures, air bag facts to remember, how air bags work and air bag system safety.

Precision Replacement Parts Provides Windshield Installers Parts Guide
Precision Replacement Parts Corp. of Monroe, Wash., has available the Windshield Installers Parts Guide for both American and foreign vehicles. It provides a variety of information, including NAGS part numbers, vehicle model and year, color and style, and finally, the Precision part number and price. Much of the information is also available on the company's website, located at www.prp.com.

Equalizer® Unveils New Product Catalog
Equalizer Industries Inc. of Round Rock, Texas, has released its 2001 new product catalog, featuring its brand-new Viper Oscillating Cordless Auto Glass Cut Out Knife. In addition, the catalog includes the company's new Wiper Puller, Multi-Spanner™, Wigglestick™ and Scratch-A-Way®, among a number of other new products.


PPG Introduces Aquapel 
Pittsburgh-based PPG Industries Inc. has available a system for repelling rain from windshields, the Aquapel Glass Treatment. The company says the treatment can provide added visibility through the windshield, sidelites and mirrors, and can be applied quickly with results that last up to six months. It works on all vehicle types and can be used as an add-on service when repairing or replacing a windshield for a customer, according to PPG.

HT TROSIFOL Provides Laminates for Windshields and Sidelites

Germany-based HT TROSIFOL has available a number of specialized films for making laminated windshields and sidelites, including TROSIFOL MV-FR and TROSIFOL MV-FA. According to the company, its films have a maximum thickness tolerance of 0.02 m with a width of 3.21 m. In addition, the company uses separate process steps to determine the film's moisture content to control the adhesion in the laminate. The film is available in thickness of 0.38, 0.76, 1.14 and 1.52 mm, in lengths of up to 1,000 m and in widths up to 3.21 m.

Strainoptic Unveils Newest Measurement Tool for Auto Glass

Strainoptic Technologies Inc. of North Wales, Pa., has developed a new polarimetric instrument, Model VRP-100, designed for inspection and quality control of tempered and laminated auto glass. The tool provides a polarimetric measurement of the tensile membrane stress of the glass, using a reflective technique in which light transmits through the glass and reflects off the black paint, according to the company. Strainoptic says that an entire windshield can be measured with the portable, tripod-mounted, stand-alone tool in a few minutes.

New England Business Makes Company Uniforms Available Online

New England Business Co. of Grotton, Mass., now has available its Company Colors™ Work Wear, which allows businesses of all sorts, including auto glass shops, to purchase uniforms for their companies online. The line includes hats, shirts, jackets and other items, available in a variety of colors and styles and adorned with the respective shop's logo. To access this service, visit the company's website at www.nebs.com.

Mitchell's First Estimate Available via Website

San Diego-based Mitchell International's FirstEstimate program has celebrated its six-month anniversary. The program is an Internet-based estimating system for the automotive collision repair industry. The system can be accessed at www.firstestimate.com, where it provides an estimate just as an independent insurance adjuster would give on a windshield replacement following a collision. According to Mitchell International, no subscription is required to use the service and users are charged per estimate requested. Specially-priced packages are also available with free estimates included, according to the company.

AEGIS Unveils Panasonic Cordless Urethane Gun

AEGIS Tools International® LLC of Madison, Wis., has released its new Panasonic cordless urethane gun, PWR2005. The cordless caulking gun features a variable speed adjustment that will let you adjust the flow to suit individual preferences, while its motor can produce 562 pounds of force. In addition, the PWR2005 can dispense both cartridges and sausage packs with just one barrel and its plunger can be changed quickly, according to AEGIS.

Essex ARG Unveils New System, Equipped with Speedlink™ U-208EP
Essex ARG of Dayton, Ohio, has released its brand-new EssexPak™ system. The system includes the company's battery-powered EssexPak applicator for dispensing its Speedlink U-208EP from an economy-size package. Each foil package of Speedlink keeps the adhesive fresh for up to seven days, according to Essex, and can be used for multiple windshields. The company says that once the installer moves on to the next job, he only has to replace the nozzle on the foil package.

In addition, Essex says Speedlink U-208EP uses the company's patented, reinforced, isotropic network adhesive technology to provide increased chemical crosslinks for a strong, fast-curing, one-component adhesive.

Essex ARG also offers its new adhesive, BETASEAL 3000HMNC. According to the company, the adhesive retains torsional stiffness to quiet and stabilize the vehicle's ride, while also preserving the reception of radio, cellular phone and global positioning systems in antenna-encapsulated auto glass. Essex ARG says BETASEAL 3000HMNC is the same material used in original-equipment service kits.

The chemically-curing adhesive provides a safe drive-away in 60 minutes and is approved for use at temperatures as low as 40 degrees Fahrenheit, according to the company.


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