July/August  2001

    repair news

NWRA Recommended Practice Committee Nears Completion of Document

The National Windshield Repair Association’s (NWRA) Recommended Practice for the Repair of Windshields Committee has recommended changes to the Recommended Practice for the Repair of Windshields to the association. The document is available from the NWRA with the proposed changes marked, including several deletions, additions and changes of verbiage.

Included in the proposed changes is a deletion of the following paragraph from the introduction to the document: “Although long crack and edge crack repairs are being done currently with the techniques and resins of several manufacturers, there are, presently, only the results of manufacturer’s field testing available. The Recommended Practices Committee cannot make a recommendation at this time because there are no independent and impartial tests for these types of repairs.”

Likewise, an addition to the section titled, “Inspecting a Finished Windshield Repair,” reads as follows: “A long crack repair should remain free of light refraction and seal the laminate for the life of the long crack warranty.”

Along with these additions and several rewordings, the committee has proposed the addition of a suggested long crack repair test to the Recommended Practice.

The association hopes to receive all comments and suggestions regarding the document by July 31.

Delta Kits Unveils ENT100 Entrepreneur Package

B300 bridge/injection assemblyDelta Kits Inc. of Eugene, Ore., has introduced the ENT100 Entrepreneur Package, which includes the Delta Kits double bridge windshield repair system, crack expander, moisture evaporator, hood protector, ultraviolet shield, nitrile gloves and chip saver cards. In addition, the package includes the B300 bridge/injection assemblies, which feature vertical and horizontal adjustment, injection-molded end seals, three-point design, pump style vacuum cups and automatic injectors.

Working Woman Recognizes Cindy Rowe
Cindy RoweWorking Woman magazine recently featured one of the industry’s own, Cindy Rowe of Cindy Rowe Auto Glass of Harrisburg, Pa., in a cover feature titled “Re-invent Yourself.” The article, which appeared in the February 2001 issue of the magazine, profiled women who have made dramatic, yet successful, career changes. In addition to the cover story, the magazine honored Rowe at a luncheon in New York in March, along with the other women profiled.

Rowe was a nurse for 13 years before she left the profession in 1980 to study windshield repair, an area in which she had no prior knowledge. She took a three-day course then began working out of her 1975 Vega as a mobile windshield repair technician. Six years later, Rowe’s husband, Dave Taylor, joined her in the business and they opened the first of nine shops, after also adding auto glass replacement on to the repair business.

Chicago Tribune Places Spotlight on Industry
The Chicago Tribune recently asked the question, “To repair or replace?,” with a feature article in its automotive section. For the May 14, 2001, article, columnist Bob Weber explored a question from one of his readers who wondered if he should have the pitted windshield on his 1998 Cadillac repaired or replaced. He explained to the reader that the pitting could be solved by polishing or replacing the windshield, but then went on to ask: “… what should you do about stone chips? Do windshield repairs really work?”

The article encourages repairs, as long as the stone chip or crack isn’t in the driver’s line of vision and as long as the repair is done quickly, before the damage has the opportunity to collect dirt and moisture. Weber goes on to explain how a windshield is repaired and, finding a quality technician to do the work

He refers those searching for glass shops to www.glass.com™, AGRR magazine’s website, where a consumer information center helps consumers find auto glass shops in their areas. 


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