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January/February 2002

    repair news

NWRA Plans for Future
NWRA members relax at their most recent conference in Las Vegas. The National Windshield Repair Association (NWRA) held a teleconference board meeting on Wednesday, December 5, to discuss and vote upon a number of matters. During the teleconference, the board voted to limit marketing aids distribution, such as brochures, windshield savers and CDs to members. Along the same lines, they voted to develop a CD for use by members in marketing to the insurance industry. The CD should be available in the spring at the association's annual conference, which will be held April 6-7 at the Renaissance Worldgate Hotel in Kissimmee, Fla. Finally, the NWRA board also approved the modified long-crack addendum to its Recommended Practice for the Repair of Windshields (see July/August 2001 AGRR, page 54, for related story).

Windshield Repair Warehouse Makes Repairs a “Cinch”
Windshield Repair Warehouse’s newest tool, “The Cinch,” removes air in a repair before the resin is injected into the glass. Windshield Repair Warehouse of Durango, Colo., now offers the “Cinch,” which it says removes air in a repair before resin is injected into the glass. According to the company, the Cinch is equipped with a unique inner chamber that holds the resin off the glass while a vacuum is pulled. Then, after the air has been removed, the resin is injected into the break using hydraulic pressure. This eliminates the problems of air getting trapped in a break underneath the resin, or having to pass through the resin to be removed, making windshield repair a “cinch,” according to Windshield Repair Warehouse.

Clear Star Makes Life Easier with Simple Kits
Clear Star of Hauppauge, N.Y., has introduced several new kits to ease the windshield repair technician’s daily labors: the Super Vac Mobile, Super Vac Mobile with Drill, Super Vac Deluxe Mobile, several models of support systems, the “Glass Temp” surface temperature gauge, glass headlight repair system and Rearview Mirror Super Bond.

The Super Vac Mobile windshield repair system comes in a portable case and, according to the company, contains “everything needed to make professional windshield repairs … outlined with additional accessories to allow technicians to duplicate the high-quality repairs achieved in an indoor workshop.” Likewise, the Super Vac Mobile with Drill system includes a 12-volt drill and drill accessories for mobile service. The Super Vac Deluxe Mobile system is made to accommodate businesses requiring equipment and supplies to handle high volumes of windshield repair work and specialized glass services. It includes two complete injector assemblies, a linear crack repair kit and a pit polish kit.

Clear Star’s new support systems come in two models, #SS24 and #SS48. Each allows repair technicians to combine the company’s patented adhesive attachment principal with equipment from their own systems to make repairs fast and easy. Each kit contains the same supplies, but #SS48 contains double the amount of supplies in #SS24.

The “Glass Temp” surface temperature gauge helps technicians avoid potential problems caused by excessive temperature conditions. The gauge mounts easily and gives its operator the temperature of the windshield and not the temperature of the windshield using liquid crystal technology, according to the company.

Clear Star’s glass headlight repair system allows auto glass repair technicians to provide an easy add-on service, all provided in one simple kit. Likewise, “Rearview Mirror Super Bond” is a mirror re-attachment system that also gives technicians an additional add-on service.

Delta Kits Allows Customers to Design Own WR Kits

Delta Kits Inc. of Eugene, Ore., has available a variety of windshield repair products to suit most windshield repair needs. The company offers several styles of bridges and injection assemblies. In addition, its various lamp styles include battery-operated, 115-volt, 12-volt, mini, extra long for cracks and dual-voltage models. Drills are available in 4.8-volt cordless, 7.2-volt cordless and 115-volt models. In addition, the company offers several types of resins, carbide burs, injector seals, curing film and other options.

“Customers appreciate the opportunity to design their own windshield repair system that includes all the components they desire without having to pay for items that they may already have or don’t feel they need,” said Brent Deines, president of Delta Kits.


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