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January/February 2002

NWRA Update
Taylor     association viewpoint

A Day’s Work 
by Dave Taylor

What is the National Windshield Repair Association (NWRA) doing for the windshield repair industry? 

I know what we are doing and what we have done, but it is apparent that not everyone does. Recently, on Rock Chip Rich’s “Windshield Repair Forum,” I had the opportunity to respond to a writer who asked that exact question and some other ones. Here is an excerpt from the part of my response:

“The NWRA worked for years to develop the Recommended Practice for the Repair of Windshields, the definitive document of repair. When repair-only companies complained that the auto glass replacement certification program of the National Glass Association (NGA) certified glass installers as repairers without properly assessing their skills, the NWRA worked with the NGA to develop a separate repair-only certification. When our members requested a long crack recommendation, we began a long, expensive and arduous process to develop one that is now in its final approval process. When our members asked what we were doing about networks, we responded by developing a web-based referral system for our members. When repair came under scrutiny at the Independent Glass Association (IGA) and NGA conferences, the NWRA stood up and defended the industry against unreasonable and inaccurate comments and suggestions. When our members wanted help with advertising, we developed a public relations campaign for them. When they requested more information about repair, we expanded our newsletter by two pages. When our members requested marketing aids, we developed windshield savers and repair brochures, which we sell at very reasonable prices. When insurers made decisions that were against the interests of small-shop repair technicians, we responded with appropriate measures (including those taken with Allstate recently—see “Sinking Prices” in the November/December 2001 issue of AGRR, p.24). When various states tried to impose unreasonable inspection restrictions on repair, the NWRA responded with accurate information. When auto glass companies met to develop safe windshield installation practices, the NWRA helped them understand major issues relative to repair.”

You can get a further feel for the NWRA’s situation by checking out the “NWRA, IGA, IGPA” thread at

Dave Taylor is president of the National Windshield Repair Association and secretary/treasurer of Cindy Rowe Auto Glass in Harrisburg, Pa.


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