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May/June 2002

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NWRA Elects New Officers
The National Windshield Repair Association (NWRA) has elected new officers for the year 2002, including a new president, Bill Batley of Novus Windshield Repair in Seattle. Batley replaces David Taylor, who stepped down last month after seven years as president. (See March/April AGRR, page 4, for related story.) Taylor will now take over as secretary/treasurer for the association. In addition, the board re-elected Dee Berge-Morse of Dee's Windshield Repair to serve as vice-president.

The NWRA's newest board member, Keith Surdich of Polylite Windshield Repair Products, also was elected at the association's annual conference in Orlando, Fla., April 5-6. Board members Paul Syfko of Glass Resins and Jackie Newman were also re-elected to their seats. (See "Industry Insiders" for related story.)

Glass Technology Introduces Mini Scratch Hog
Glass Technology of Durango, Colo., has added a new product to its Scratch Hog line—the Mini Scratch Hog. According to the company, the Mini Scratch Hog works with the same technological principles that the original does—removing a scratch rather than trying to polish it away—but with disposable discs. The disposable discs have microscopic, pyramid-shaped structures placed in a uniform manner on a special backing material that the company says allows the repair to be completed quickly and cost-effectively. In addition, a water-feed system is available with the Scratch Hog to help keep the surface cool, while enhancing the action of the discs.

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