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September/October 2002

Field of Vision
            from the editor

A Good Idea

by Penny Beverage

Sometimes a good idea is just too good. Of course, this is very rare, but it happened for my column this month. I’d planned to write on cash pricing and insurance pricing and how they differ and why, but all sorts of things started occurring. First, I did Price Points and used it to research the topic. Well, the difference turned out to be so great that I wanted to research other vehicles further. (The good thing is, this month I didn’t even have to pretend. Three of us here currently have broken windshields. Right outside our office there is a 2001 Buick LeSabre, a 2000 Honda Civic and a 2000 Ford Ranger pick-up truck—all with broken windshields. )

Then, I began talking to our publisher, Deb Levy, and my fellow editor and predecessor Les Shaver, and it turns out this is an old problem that was even featured on Hard Copy once. So, I wrote my column and it was 1,100 words, which fills about two of these small blocks of space. Of course, space would allow me to include that much in this small column, so you’ll see it in a feature next month. If any of you have any comments on this problem and what may be prolonging the difference in cash and insurance pricing, please call me at 540/720-5584, ext. 114, or e-mail me at

As for what did make it into this issue, we have tons to offer you this month and I hope you will enjoy it. In "King of the Mountain", publisher Deb Levy offers an exclusive interview with one of the industry’s most silent and successful characters—Allan Skidmore, president and founder of TCG International (which owns Speedy Auto Glass, Novus and Shat-R-Proof). The interview was even longer than we can fit in our pages here, so please visit® to see the full-text version. 

Also in this issue, contributing editor Les Shaver took a road trip to Charleston, S.C., where he met with Paul Heinauer, owner of Glasspro, and found out the secrets to the 7-shop chain’s success (see "One War at a Time").

In addition, we offer a preview of this month’s show in Marco Island, Fla., in "Islands in the Stream." I am looking forward not only to the beautiful weather I’ve heard about in Marco Island, but also to seeing many of you and hearing your concerns and successes. (By the way, we’ll be in Booth 715. Please stop by and say hello.) 

Finally, as always, the last couple of months have been busy for the industry. Columbus, Ohio-based Safelite is trying per-incident pricing with Farmers Insurance, sending many in the industry into fright. See "NWRA Update" for National Windshield Repair Association president Bill Batley’s take on the subject. Also, the case of the century for the industry—Diamond Triumph v. Safelite—has made slight progress. Turn to "AGRReports" for the latest update.

I hope you’ll turn to each of these pages and will like what you read. See you in Marco Island, and for those of you who don’t make it out, please e-mail me at or call me at 540/720-5584, ext. 114, even if it’s just to say hello or vent about the latest issues in the industry. As always, we at AGRR love hearing from you.
Talk to you soon. 



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