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November/December 2002

Repair Talk
CASEY thoughts from the shop


Sheer Enjoyment
by David A. Casey

Editor’s Note: The following is Orlando, Fla.-based Superglass Windshield Repair owner David Casey’s debut column with AGRR. The column will appear in each issue and will focus on items of importance to repair technicians. AGRR welcomes Casey to its team!

Someone a lot more famous than I once said, “pick a job you enjoy and you’ll never work a day in your life.” I agree with that quote and I think that there are ways to work at your repair business so that you can enjoy almost every day and be happy with your career choice. 

Being happy at your work is a goal that smart employers try to get their employees close to, though few actually attain it. As repairers, we are sometimes happier than we think we are. If you can build a solid base of repeatable repair business, make a fair profit to support your family, grow your business and can enjoy doing all of this, then you should consider yourself successful. 

Enjoying Repairs
To enjoy the repair business, we need to enjoy each day of work. 

The first thing I used to do on my repair route to remind me of how happy I should be was to look at the drivers on either side of me at the traffic lights. I usually found myself staring at someone who looked forward to his day at work grimly. Seldom did I see smiles on the morning drive to my route. On the other hand, by the time I was halfway to my first account I was looking forward to seeing some good people, visiting with them and seeing what challenges the glass damage had in store for me that day. Thus, a reminder that you enjoy your work should help every day to start on a positive note everyday.

Continual Improvement
I have found over the years that the better I got at something, the more I enjoyed doing it. That has gone for golf, music or windshield repairs. 

Once the repair community began interacting through publications and conferences, the education grew faster. The pride I have in being excellent at my trade is a very strong benefit to keep me enjoying my career as a professional repairer and trainer. Also, I have found that as long as I am learning and growing, I am happier with what I am doing. These days there are numerous forums to help technicians advance their expertise. There are publications (and back issues), conferences, web sites and bulletin boards that offer advice from experienced and successful repairers. These bits of information can help you raise the bar on your technical abilities and, in turn, help you enjoy working on the glass.

Customers’ Help
In learning this business and learning how to market windshield repair, I’ve come across some excellent customers. The vast majority have been great people who appreciate a good effort and a good result. Most of my customers have been people who count quality repairs, dependability and honesty as important reasons to keep a vendor and reward those qualities with loyalty, volume and goodwill. If you limit your exposure to those kinds of customers, you’ll find that it’s easy to enjoy your day and be enriched by many personal associations that you form while working. 

Your immediate working environment can be a big source of morale each day. By working out of a late model, professionally lettered, clean and organized vehicle, every day begins with the potential of becoming a great day. Treat yourself and your business to one of the most important images you will display and drive a vehicle that you can be proud of and that is easy to work from. Add a few mobile office goodies such as organizers, a global positioning system or hands-free phone to help you become more efficient. Investing in your mobile office is investing in your value and your enjoyment of operating it.

Enjoying your day and having a pleasant, upbeat attitude can help your customers have a better day, too. Everyone likes working with happy people more than with a sad sack. Enjoying your business on a daily basis makes you more attractive as a vendor to work with and will help you make more money, more friends and a business of which you can be proud. 

David A. Casey is president of SuperGlass Windshield Repair Inc., located in Orlando, Fla.


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