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January/February 2003

Field of Vision
    from the editor

Happy Holidays
by Penny Beverage

I read an array of magazines, from music magazines to People to Ladies Home Journal to good ol’ fashioned Southern Living, and in each one, it seems at least one editor’s column a year is devoted to the holiday season. So, being that this is an auto glass industry magazine, I was trying to resist the trend and had planned to write about the hot, pressing issues facing the industry today.

However, that was before lunch. During lunch, I visited Wal-Mart and saw so many reminders of Christmas—from the packed toy aisle, to Christmas decorations to even a Santa scene near the photo center—and returned with that warm holiday feeling we all get each year. (Well, that warm holiday feeling we’re all supposed to get—I personally am usually somewhat “bah-humbug!” around this time.)

But not this year because we all have tons to look forward to in the new year that follows Christmas so closely. In addition to the happiness that hopefully awaits us all personally this year, we also have a number of industry events to look forward to. (While I gave in to this warm holiday feeling, of course I can’t stray too far from industry issues. The magazine is still AGRR: the magazine driving the auto glass repair and replacement industry.)

The new year will kick off with a number of events we all should attend, including the Independents’ Days National Convention and Glass Show, which will be held in Reno February 5-7, and the National Windshield Repair Association’s (NWRA’s) annual confe-rence, which will be held in Las Vegas February 21-22. A preview of the former is included in this issue, and a preview of the latter will follow in the March/April 2003 issue. Both conferences offer so much insight and networking each year, I hope I will see all of you at both. Last year, both gave me personally a great opportunity to meet you and hear your thoughts—and lay the ground work for the issues of AGRR we produce throughout the year. In addition, many of the thoughts and comments I heard—along with the numerous seminars at each—provided ideas for features you saw throughout 2001. Among these were features about steering (see July/August 2002 AGRR, page 28), thriving companies such as Glasspro in Charleston, S.C. (see September/October AGRR, page 50) and a number of news articles on a topic on all of our minds—the Diamond Triumph v. Safelite anti-steering suit, which was announced at last year’s Independents’ Days (see July/August 2002 AGRR, page 40). On page 40, you’ll see a profile by contributing editor Les Shaver about Bullseye Inc., a growing repair-only company in Chapel Hill, N.C., whose owners I met at last year’s NWRA conference in Orlando, Fla.

Also, one of the greatest additions to this issue is that of a new columnist—Allan Skidmore of TCG International, who will begin contributing his thoughts on the industry to each issue of AGRR. Thanks to Allan for joining our team, and, to the rest of you, please be sure to check out this exciting new feature in our next issue, March/April 2002.

So, get ready—for the new year and for these events. I look forward to seeing you, and in the meantime, happy holidays. 



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