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January/February 2003

    new products

LIT'L BUDDY CRL Introduces “Lit’l Buddy”
Los Angeles-based C.R. Laurence Co. Inc. introduced what it calls the Lit’l Buddy windshield hoist. According to the company, the windshield hoist mounts to the side of a car and enables one person to lift and set any size windshield easily. The pulley system provides a 3-to-1 lifting ration, so that for every pound of effort by the technician, three pounds of mass can be lifted. The Lit’l Buddy quickly attaches to the driver’s door glass with three powerful suction cups and pivots to provide easy installation of large windshields.

Sika Develops Glass Cleaner
The Sika Corp., which is based in Madison Heights, Mich., has introduced Sika® Glass Cleaner. According to the company, the cleaner can be used on automotive glass, ceramic frit and hard bonding surfaces.

The simple-to-use, spray-and-wipe cleaner is a non-flammable aerosol concentrate that provides residue- and streak-free cleaning. It eliminates spots, removes films and dissolves grease, oil, fingerprints and smudges, leaving a clean and spotless surface, according to the company.

B & B Offers VIN Number Etching
B & B Etching Products Inc. of Peoria, Ariz., has released the etchall® system, which is designed for the etching of VIN numbers onto auto glass as an effective theft deterrent. According to the company, the system is quick, easy to use and completely portable; likewise, it uses no ink, abrasives or high-pressure equipment.
The system, which auto glass installers can offer as an add-on service in their shops, includes a hand-held bar-code scanner for accurate VIN entry without manual keying and the errors caused by misreading, along with VIN verification software and a special stencil cutter that eliminates the need for a PC connection. B & B says the entire system can be kept in a van or truck and its stencil cutter is activated by a built-in infrared port so no cable connections are necessary. To use the system, the operator must simply scan the vehicle’s VIN and it is entered and verified. The system then creates the proper number of self-adhering stencils, which can be custom-configured to include your business name and telephone number, for that particular vehicle. The number is then etched on using the company’s etching crème ina non-spill dabber application in a short 20-minute process.

MECHANIX Glass Mechanix Launches 2003 Catalog
Fort Lauderdale, Fla.-based Glass Mechanix has released the 2003 addition of its supply catalog. According to the company, the catalog contains product information on a complete line of products for use in repairing auto glass, commercial plate glass, polishing scratches from glass and auto interior repairs.

Glo-Tech Develops Power Advance Cold Knife
GLO-TECH Meridian, Idaho-based Glo-Tech has introduced the Power Advance Cold Knife. According to the company, the new cold knife is designed with a “Y” handle and the knife has been developed so that it can be pushed, as the “T” handle is rigid (unlike a cable). In addition, the pull handle and the “Y” handle interlock, allowing for the double-handed pull. Using the cold knife’s interlocking system, the company says the operator can not only control the twisting and pitch of the blade, using the “Y” handle, but also eliminate the twisting of the wrist. The additional advantage to the double-handled pull action is that it doubles the user’s power.

The design allows the technician one-handed use, along with an extended reach of approximately 14 inches or more further than most standard cold knives, according to the company. It can also cut from one side of the windshield to the other with one clean cut.

Finally, Glo-Tech’s new knife features one-screw blade change for quick and easy use.

PPG Auto Glass Offers E-Billing
PPG PPG Auto Glass, which is based in Pittsburgh, has added an e-billing system to its eCommerce family of services. Shops can use this new service by logging onto 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The shop can then access, review and pay invoices via the website at any point. 

In addition, the company offers e-ordering, which allows glass shops to order glass and other parts 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and to confirm these orders at anytime by logging onto

Essex Adds to FlexiTrim™ Family
Dow Automotive/Essex ARG, which is based in Dayton, Ohio, has introduced FT1830, a new 18-mm universal moulding for auto glass replacement. According to the company, the moulding is designed to fill the void between the 16-mm and 20-mm moulding profiles currently offered in the FlexiTrim line. Some of FT1830’s features include OEM durability, resistance to cracking and shrinking, an instant bond, and packaging in a wound bulk roll with 100 inches per roll and five rolls per case.

SNAP-ON Snap-On Offers Tool Storage
Snap-On Tools Co. of Chicago offers the Maximum Security Tool Storage Unit for auto glass installers and repair technicians. The unit is equipped with the company’s customized “Lock ‘n’ Roll drawers and double-wall steel construction, along with a remote patrol electronic security system, which provides keyless entry and a motion detector that activates an alarm.


Milwaukee Introduces Lok-Tor™ Series
The Milwaukee Electric Tool Corp., which is based in Brookfield, Wis., has introduced the new Lok-Tor series of 14.4-volt and 18-volt cordless driver/drills and hammer drills. The rugged Lok-Tor series drills deliver high torque, high speeds, long run-time and durability and quality, according to the company. The Lok-Tor drills feature an all-metal, single-sleeve ratcheting chuck with Milwaukee’s own carbide jaws.


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