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March/April 2003


    new products

HT Troplast AG Introduces New PVB Interlayer
TROSIFOL HT Troplast AG of Troisdorf, Germany, has developed TROSIFOL VG, a new PVB film for the production of laminated safety glass for sidelites. According to the company, it meets the ECE-4 43 and ANSI Z-26.1 standards and provides moisture-independent adhesion to glass as an interlayer. HT Troplast also says the improved flow behavior of the new film formulation enhances its pre-press transparency and improves the optics of the final laminate. In addition, the films feature reduced plasticizer volatility, lower odor annoyance, easy edge-trimming and exceptionally low electrostatic charging, when compared with the company’s previous primary PVB film.

The film is available in all standard colors and widths from 30 to 321 centimeters and also is available as a shade band product up to a maximum width of 300 centimeters. It can be supplied either as a refrigerated film or unrefrigerated with PE interleaving.

Sika Reinforcer® Materials Patented
Sika Automotive, a division of the Madison Heights, Mich.-based Sika Corp., has earned patents for its SikaReinforcer 911 and 912. According to the company, SikaReinforcer 911 is a moderate-expansion, injection-moldable, reinforcing cavity filler, and SikaReinforcer 912 is a low-expansion, high-strength, injection-moldable reinforcing cavity filler.

The SikaReinforcer materials were developed by Sika Automotive chemist Chin-Jui Jerry Chang and Sika Automotive vice president of engineering Gerald E. Fitzgerald. SikaReinforcer is a light-weight material formulated to provide rigidity and increased strength to hollow body cavities and frame rails. It is heat-reactive and injection-moldable and can be used to reduce noise, vibration, squeak and rattle concerns plus fatigue issues. It can also provide improved durability plus crash-and- crush resistance.

CRL Introduces Perfect Fit Sliders
Los Angeles-based C.R. Laurence Co. Inc. (CRL) has introduced “Perfect Fit” sliders with self-centering frames for the new model 2002 Dodge Ram 1500 pickup trucks and 2003 Dodge Ram 2500 and 3500 design continuation.
“All new technology makes CRL’s cab-hugging, ‘Perfect-Fit’ sliders easy to install, attractive and reliable,” said Rick Nelson, product manager. “Our new Perfect Fit Ram slider with self-centering frame is in line with the market’s current design direction, providing an attractive flush fit. This new slider frame’s edge trim centers the slider in the truck body opening and compensates for any variances in truck manufacturing tolerances.”

Essex Introduces U-5201
U-5201 U-418EP Dayton, Ohio-based Dow Automotive/ Essex ARG has introduced a new bare-metal etch primer, BETAPRIME™ U-5201. According to the company, the primer is a user-friendly, one-part formula compatible with all typical metal surfaces. Essex ARG says it dries in 30 minutes, has a 14-day open life and a nine-month shelf life and, when applied properly, provides protection for up to six years. 

Essex ARG is also now packaging the U-400EP rapid-cure urethane adhesive and U-418EP primerless to auto glass urethane in 1.4-liter EssexPaks for economy and convenience, according to the company.

@Road Provides Energy-Saving GPS Systems
@Road, a company based in Fremont, Calif., supplies auto glass companies—and other industries—with a number of devices to ease mobile service. Among the devices it provides are global positioning systems (GPS) for mobile companies that wish to keep track of their technicians and plan routes in the most energy-efficient ways possible.

Toledo, Ohio-based Pilkington North America is one of the first companies to come on board and try the system out, according to Ted Wenger, Southern New England market manager for Pilkington North America. Currently, the company is using the service in its fleet delivery vehicles for routing and safety purposes.

To use the service, @Road installs transponder units in a company’s vehicles. Then, the company can locate the vehicles online, via @Road’s website, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. By tracking the vehicles, the company then routes them to the closest locations possible to save both time and fuel costs.

Pilkington North America is using the service at eight service centers—a total of approximately 75 units, and said the service has been a great resource and easy to use.

“The product itself is very user-friendly,” Wenger said. “You can access it from any terminal with Internet access.”Likewise, Wenger added that the company’s employees were comfortable with the system because they were knowledgeable of why it was in place.

“We actually held meetings with our staffs to make sure they understood [the GPS] and why we were going to use it,” he said.

@Road said the service is affordable for auto glass shops to install and is economical based on the money saved due to minimal gas usage when routes are planned efficiently. 



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