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May/June 2003

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Come Together
by Dave Shores

I recently returned from the National Windshield Repair Association (NWRA) conference, held in Las Vegas in February. (Please see the next issue of AGRR for a complete wrap-up and review of the conference.) The annual conference was attended by a small number of professional windshield repair technicians and business owners all with one goal in mind: to improve the quality and image of the windshield repair industry. For me, it is very rewarding to be involved with a group of people who care this deeply for their industry.

The conference attendees were not afraid to share their ideas and thoughts with one another, no matter where they came from. In fact, some of them shared ideas with their hometown competitors. They talked about everything from repair techniques to billing and bookkeeping ideas. They listened to discussions by panels of insurance company representatives, network representatives and other industry experts. Such topics as “EDI Billing,” “Selling to the Insurance Industry,” “Understanding the Fleet Customer,” “Exploring Add-On Products” and “Better Accounting for your Business” were presented. When the presentations were completed, the audience was given the opportunity to ask questions. Some of the topics could have created heated discussions, but the attendees treated every presenter with respect and allowed them to present their views and thoughts without interruption. I can’t say enough for the professionalism of the attendees of this conference. 

My one disappointment with the event is the fact that so few people would take the time to attend such an educational opportunity as this. I overheard one attendee say that she had learned so much by just having the opportunity to network with others in her field. She was excited about the fact that everyone was willing to help each other for the betterment of the industry. For you who were not there (which is the majority of you), I hope that you make plans to attend the next NWRA conference. If you are complaining about the state of the industry, get involved and become part of the solution. 

Dave Shores is the vice president of Glas-Weld Systems of Bend, Ore., and a member of the National Windshield Repair Association board of directors.


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