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July/August  2003

the Showroom   
    new products

A.N. Designs Releases Two New Blades
UltraWiz5003 A.N. Designs of Torrington, Conn., offers two new blades, the UltraWiz® extended long blade 1003-M and the UltraThin extended long blade 5003-M. According to the company, both blades are durable and with the new 1 ¼-inch length, reduce the risk of coming in contact with the headliner or other internal components.

Info: or call 860/482-2921.

CRL Introduces Oscillating Cut-Out Tool Adapter
Los Angeles-based C.R. Laurence Co. Inc. (CRL) has introduced an oscillating cut-out tool adapter, an adapter that allows users to attach any standard cold knife blade to an oscillating tool for cutting out windshields.

These adapters can be used with Wildcat, Powr-Ct, Fein, Viper and other oscillating  cut-out knives, using a six- or 12-sided blade mount,” said Rick Nelson, CRL product manager. “You simply bolt your cold knife blade to this attachment and hit the trigger for a quick cut-out.”

The tool can be used with any CRL ¾-inch-wide cold knife blade.

Info: or call 800/421-6144.

American Autoclave Meets Manufacturing Needs
American Autoclave Co., which is based in Sumner, Wash., offers turnkey autoclaves and control systems for manufacturing auto glass. According to the company, the control systems’ commands, recipes, part setup information and cure-control parameters are generated at the computer by loading predefined recipes or operator input via the keyboard, touch-screen or barcode scanner. The system operates on a Windows-based platform to control autoclaves, ovens, hot presses and other process control streams. In addition, the American Autoclave control systems control pressure, temperature, vacuum and other parameters through a PLC to ensure the components are cured to specifications.

The American Autoclave Control system is fully capable of tightly controlling autoclaves, ovens, hot presses and other process control streams, according to the company. The system operates in a Windows environment on industrial-strength, state-of-the-art computers and provides security with complete data logging of all variables and events.
Info: or call 253/863 5000.

Strainoptic Offers Stress Measurement Tool
Strainoptic Technologies of North Wales, Pa., has introduced a new, portable scanner that automates the off-line measurement of edge stress in automotive glass. The PES-1500 uses the company’s patented, non-destructive stress measurement technology, combined with proprietary and user-friendly Windows-based software and a PC workstation to provide fast, accurate and repeatable readings of residual stress required for quality control of auto glass.

To obtain an automatic measurement of stress in a particular sample, the operator simply passes a lightweight scanning probe along several small (typically 2- to 4-inch) segments of the edge being inspected. The software reports the maximum tensile and edge-compression stress values for each edge scan and also displays a graph of stress versus position on the computer’s monitor. According to the company, the entire process takes just a few seconds to complete.

Info: or call 215/661-0100.

Snap-On Offers Tool Storage
Snap-On Tools Co. of Chicago offers the Maximum Security Tool Storage Unit for auto glass installers and repair technicians. The unit is equipped with the company’s customized Lock ‘n’ Roll drawers and double-wall steel construction, along with a remote control electronic security system, which provides keyless entry and a motion detector that activates an alarm.

Info: or call 877/762-7664.

Xora Offers GPS Location-Based Mobile Applications Service
Mountain View, Calif.-based Xora Inc. has introduced a new version of its GPS TimeTrack hosted service. The new service is a time, location and job management application that the company says moves real-time mobile employee and asset management into the mainstream. GPS TimeTrack helps businesses track employees and hours worked, enforce overtime policies, account for time and billing accurately and increase the productivity of the mobile workforce. 

The new release of the company’s GPS application service offers sophisticated features such as automated dispatch, wireless text alerts, team and group management for large-user deployments and job scheduling in an Internet-based solution that the company says is cost-effective and easy to utilize. 

The GPS TimeTrack service allows businesses to capture their employees’ start and stop times for shifts, jobs, work orders and breaks, while monitoring their locations and speeds. Additionally, businesses can use the service to create detailed web reports, including time and job reports and location maps and download timesheet information into financial and payroll systems.

Other new functions available in GPS TimeTrack V1.1 are automated job dispatch, ability to upload landmarks, integration with bar code scanners, which attach to mobile phones, wireless text alerts and enhanced reporting. Automated dispatch allows companies to pre-assign jobs and work orders to mobile workers each day, as well as identify and notify the best field employee, in real-time, to handle ad hoc and emergency job requirements. With its landmark feature, the Xora service can automatically populate maps with visual landmarks, such as job sites, points of interest and customer locations. Integrated wireless text alerts allows companies to send instant SMS messages through the service to individual mobile phones, groups of users or to an entire workforce. 

“The coupling of GPS in a phone and smart mobile applications represents a breakthrough in business productivity,” said Ananth Rani, vice president of products and services at Xora. “We are very excited about our ability to make product improvements that help our customer be more profitable continually.”

Info: or call 650/314-6460.

Sika Develops Glass Cleaner
The Sika Corp., which is based in Madison Heights, Mich., has introduced Sika® Glass Cleaner. According to the company, the cleaner can be used on automotive glass, ceramic frit and hard bonding surfaces.

The simple-to-use, spray-and-wipe cleaner is a non-flammable aerosol concentrate that provides residue- and streak-free cleaning. It eliminates spots, removes films and dissolves grease, oil, fingerprints and smudges, leaving a clean and spotless surface, according to the 

Info: or call 816/316-4200.

Tracer Introduces Leak Detection Kit
Tracer Products of Westbury, N.Y., has introduced an auto body leak detection kit that pinpoints water leaks around windshields and sunroofs. The Tracerline® auto body kit includes an easy-to-use spray gun for applying fluorescent dye over a vehicle’s exterior, a high-intensity 50-watt ultraviolet/blue light inspection lamp with a cigarette lighter plug, an 8-ounce bottle of super-concentrated Dye-Lite® fluorescent water dye, a bottle for storing the dye/water mixture, a 14-foot cord with alligator clips that attach to a vehicle’s 
batter and fluorescence-enhancing glasses.

To use the kit, the bottle is filled with dye and the gun attaches to the water line. Then the operator sprays the water/dye solution over the outside of the vehicle near where the leak is suspected and inspects the interior of the vehicle with the lamp. Wherever there is a leak, the dye will stand out clearly with a bright green glow.

Info: or call 800/641-1133. 


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