Volume 5, Issue 6        November/December 2003


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NWRA Holds Emergency Board Meeting; IGA CEO Tim Smale Speaks

The National Windshield Repair Association’s (NWRA) board of directors held an emergency board meeting on Friday, September 12, during the National Auto Glass Conference in Scottsdale, Ariz. The meeting, attended by several who had originally not planned to come to the conference, was called in response to the recent dispute over the safety of windshield repair, arisen by a study conducted Solutia Inc., as commissioned by the Independent Glass Association (IGA). 

Tim Smale, chief executive officer for the IGA, was invited to speak at the meeting, which was attended by about 15 people, including the board and several NWRA members. Smale apologized to the group on behalf of the IGA, and said he had not expected so much response to the study—and that the article he wrote about the study should have focused on the moisture absorption of PVB, not the safety of windshield repair, as it appeared in AGRR (see September/October 2003 AGRR, page 14) and in the IGA’s e-mail newsletter, The Beacon Bulletin. 

“Never in my wildest dreams could I have imagined the discussions that ensued [the release of the test results],” said Smale. 

Smale added that perhaps there is a need for an ANSI standard for windshield repair, to keep further uncertainty from occurring, and that maybe the two associations can work together to create one. 

“Perhaps the rest of the industry needs to know when/where a windshield can be repaired,” he said. “There’s an awful lot we can do together in conversations.”

Smale added that the IGA board has not yet concluded whether it will study the PVB issue further.


Los Angeles-based C.R. Laurence Co. Inc. is now distributing the “Cinch” windshield repair system. According to the company, the patented system allows the user to maintain a vacuum on the repair area, allowing for a fast and complete injection of resin into the repair area. In addition, the company says it prevents moisture contamination of the resin.

The “Cinch” has an outer chamber that pulls and maintains the vacuum separate from the resin chamber. Once the vacuum is applied, the chamber is lowered and, with hydraulic pressure, injected into the repair. If a secondary vacuum cycle is required, the technician can back off from the resin chamber, allowing the vacuum cycle to perform its function automatically.

www.crlaurence.com or call 810/225-4640.


NWRA Conference Slated for Orlando, Fla.

The National Windshield Repair Association (NWRA) will hold its annual conference January 17-18, 2004, in Orlando, Fla., at the Radisson Orlando Hotel and Convention Center at the entrance to Universal Studios. 

The conference will open with comments from NWRA president Bill Batley, who will also introduce the association’s newest board candidates for 2004. Dave Taylor, NWRA secretary/treasurer, will follow with “The Attack on the Windshield Repair Industry.”

Mike Boyle, president of Glas-Weld Systems, will take the stage next with “What Drives Your Customers,” during which he’ll explain how to provide your customers with a memorable experience in your shop. Likewise, Thom Inman of Harmon Autoglass will present an interactive windshield repair training exercise, followed by roundtable discussions on issues of interest to auto glass repair shops.

In addition, NWRA board electsions will be held, along with demonstrations from several of the industry’s manufacturers. A cocktail party and buffet also will provide attendees an opportunity to network.

www.n-w-r-a.org or call 717/985-1501.


AGRSS to Tackle Repair?

At the recent Auto Glass Replacement Safety Standards (AGRSS) meeting in Scottsdale, Ariz., Independent Glass Association (IGA) chief executive officer Tim Smale suggested the council consider tackling repair in a future standard. The council had not yet made a decision on how it would proceed at press time.

The suggestion follows a long-running dispute, which began in late July, between the IGA and the National Windshield Repair Association over the issue of moisture and PVB (see September/October 2003 AGRR, page 14).

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