Volume 5, Issue 6        November/December 2003


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Sommer & Maca Offers Contamination Inspection

Sommer & Maca of Cicero, Ill., says it has developed a method for detecting and eliminating contamination on windshields. Among its offerings is a soft abrasive pad (#200-7470) to clean suspected contamination from the glass before installation. In addition, the company offers a foaming glass cleaner (Powr Bond #121-1100 is recommended) to spray on the glass, which reveals contamination where it beads. Sommer & Maca recommends that the glass should then be scrubbed with the approved white abrasive pad (#200-7470) and re-cleaned until beading stops. According to the company, its Powr Bond white abrasive pad will not scratch the glass or the black edge and can be cut to any size needed. 

www.somaca.com or call 800/323-9200.

Ircon Offers Backlite Inspection Software

Niles, Ill.-based Ircon has introduced its advanced backlite inspection software, which it says provides new features for auto glass manufacturers who are looking to increase the speed and accuracy of their backlite grid production. The Ircon Thermal Grid Inspection System uses thermal imaging technology to look for breaks and hot spots in the backlite. According to the company, the system allows for total inspection of the glass and easy documentation, as the images of the glass can be saved for later review.

www.ircon.com or call 800/323-7660.



Burco® Provides Replacement Mirror Options

Grand Rapids, Mich.-based Burco Inc. offers replacement mirror options to shops wishing to add this profitable item to their businesses.  According to the company, nearly 5 million mirrors were replaced year.  The company offers its Redi Cuts® sideview replacement mirrors for an economical price on which shops can make a profit.  In addition, the company provides free marketing support, including point-of-purchase displays, mirror hangers, posters, and static-cling window stickers to its shop customers.

The mirrors are sized for a variety of vehicles, feature safety-seamed edges, are easy to install and are readily available.

www.burcoinc.com or call 800/253-2593


Nextel and @Road® Create @RoadSM

Reston, Va.-based Nextel Commu-nications Inc. and Fremont, Calif.-based @Road have announced the addition of the @Road PathwaySM to its line of products for mobile technicians. @Road Pathway enables mobile technicians to verify routes, stops and work schedules from the road and is available on Nextel’s i58sr and i88s phones by Motorola with onboard assisted global positioning system (AGPS) capabilities.

“The @Road Pathway application and the proven GPS-capable Nextel phone gives small- and medium-sized businesses an entry-level solution that we believe will drive down costs and improve productivity through enhanced communication and management of their mobile workforces,” said Ernie Cormier, Nextel’s vice president of business solutions. The @Road Pathway system features customer-configurable maps and pre- and user-defined landmarks that are designed to provide location and proximity information about mobile workers from any Internet-connected PC; recent location information of mobile resources from any Internet-connected PC; mileage, time in transit and start/stop reports; and stored location information for mobile workers outside a coverage area or on a phone call. “Today, we see companies of all sizes seeking to reduce costs and increase customer satisfaction,” said Krish Panu, president and chief executive officer of @Road. “We believe that @Road Pathway can provide a company cost-effective services to manage its mobile workers more effectively and positively impact a company’s bottom line.”

www.road.com or call 510/668-1638.


Bobby Tool Inc. Offers Variety of Auto Glass Tools

Bobby Tool Inc. of Daleville, Ala., offers a number of auto glass tools for both retailers and distributors. Among its tool offerings are its 10-amp super cutter urethane saw, 18-inch long double-end and single-end aluminum cold knife, 18-inch long single-end steel cold knife with quick-change blade, the Elite pull knife quick-change blade, urethane tube opener, urethane removers sets (both large and small), long-reach knife, extra-long hook tool, steady stool, safety valve cover, the cowel popper and cowel holder.

www.bobbytool.com or call 334/393-0746.


CPI Provides “Rugged Wypes”

CPI Divisions of West Concord, Minn., has introduced Clean+ Rugged Wypes industrial cleaning towels. According to the company, the textured, non-marring towels work on a variety of surfaces, and are quick, easy, versatile, effective, convenient, portable and economic. The towels can remove paint, ink, grease, oil, sealants, adhesives, mastics, tar, wax, butyl and urethane from glass, metals, rubber and a variety of other surfaces.

www.cpidivisions.com or call 800/752-4622.


USC Offers New Bumper Coat

Urethane Supply Co. (USC) of Rainsville, Ala., offers a new Bumper & Cladding Coatit says permanently recolors faded, scuffed, marred and discolored textured plastic bumpers and side cladding to the original factory appearance. According to the company, its proprietary formula adheres to textured, molded-in-color plastics without sanding or treatment. Once dry, the coating grips the surface permanently, withstanding the force of a pressure washer without cracking or peeling.

www.urethanesupply.com or call 800/633-3047. 

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