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January/February  2004

the Showroom
new products

Mitchell Changes Name of eGlassMate to eGlassClaim 
San Diego-based Mitchell International, parent company of NAGS, announced recently that its web-based glass claims program has been renamed from eGlassMate™ to eGlassClaim™. The company said the new name is more descriptive of the product’s functionality, and more accurately positions the software as a component of Mitchell’s claims-centric approach to industry workflow solutions.

eGlassClaim is designed to automate the glass claims process from the first notice of loss through payment of the claim. eGlassClaim integrates quickly into an insurance carrier’s existing internal claims systems and processes and provides a full suite of detailed management reports, according to the company.

“eGlassClaim is so far above-and-beyond what we used to do to facilitate glass-replacement that a new name was not only appropriate, but necessary,” said Catherine Howard, vice president and general manager of NAGS. “Glass is an integral element of the overall claim process and needs to be managed efficiently within that larger context.”

CRL Offers New Windows for Freightliner Sprinter
Los Angeles-based C.R. Laurence. Co. Inc. (CRL) has introduced “all-glass-look” windows for the new Sprinter van made by Daimler Chrysler/Mercedes Benz and marketed as the Freightliner Sprinter.

“Our ‘all-glass-look’ technology has been used in the design and manufacturing of these attractive and practical windows,” said automotive products manager Mario Beltran. “They fit perfectly within the van stampings, providing the appearance of factory-equipped windows.”
Info or call 810/225-4640.

Astoria Introduces New Fiberglass Truck Insert
Chariton, Iowa-based Astoria Industries has debuted an insert specially designed for the auto glass industry. The new insert can be equipped with any of the following options: an inverter providing 110 volts to three different power outlets, a mounted adhesive oven, an air reel with more than 50 feet of retractable hose, a windshield rack and windshield cradle for easy access to full-sized windshields, an air compressor and vacuum with other options available.

The insert is transferable from one truck to another and comes with a five-year warranty.
Info or call 641/774-3456.

SRP Announces New Glass Cleaner
The Shat R Proof Corp., located in Bloomington, Minn., has introduced the new SRP foaming glass cleaner. The SRP foaming glass cleaner is designed for use on automotive glass, ceramic frit and hard bonding surfaces. 

According to the company, the cleaner is perfect for mobile vans and shops and provides streak-free cleaning without leaving any residue. It eliminates oil, fingerprints, spots and smudges.
Info or call 800/728-1817.

Precision Introduces Starter Kit
Yorktown, Va.-based Precision now offers a Mirror Button Starter Kit for those who wish to add mirror services on to their businesses. According to the company, the kit is made so that other compartments can be added easily; it offers a durable storage option; the boxes lock together in the event of a fall; and the kit includes 30 fasteners to suit all your mirror needs.
Info or call 757/898-3333. 


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