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March/April  2004

Field of Vision
    from the editor

Calling All Repair Techs
 by Penny Beverage

Every year since Iíve been with AGRR magazine, Iíve attended the National Windshield Repair Associationís (NWRA) annual conference, and I can honestly say it is one of my favorite events I attend throughout the year. Not because I particularly prefer repair over replacement, and not because they always hold their conference somewhere warm, like Las Vegas or Orlando, Fla., in the dead of winter, but because the NWRA is truly a nice crowd.

The nicest people I meet of the year I usually meet at this conference. Number-one on the list is Dave Casey, an NWRA board member, president of SuperGlass Windshield Repair in Orlando and an AGRR columnist. As those of you who know Dave know, thereís no person around more pleasant than Dave Casey, nor more helpfulóand for those of you who donít know him, you need to come to the conference next year and meet him.

This year, I met first-time conference attendee Ed Mathias from Columbus, Ga. Ed and I started talking on Saturday evening at the cocktail party and, as luck would have it, ended up sitting together during Sundayís array of discussions and seminars. Through the course of the day, Ed and some others at our table, including Woody Andrews, a repair technician from Williamston, N.C., who I finally got to meet, started exchanging some ideas on how to convince customers who donít want to pay for repair why itís worth their money.

Well, incentives are still allowed in both their areasóand, letís face it, they work. Woody said he sometimes gives away Chic-Fil-A coupons to customers who donít want to purchase the repairs. Likewise, Ed gives away coupon books to his customers so they can send away for coupons to use at various grocery stores. This event provides so many roundtables that it is an excellent chance for windshield repair technicians and shop owners to learn from each otheróand a chance for me to hear some of the ideas to share with you.

I also had the pleasure of seeing one of the industryís most knowledgeable and nicest couples, Dave Taylor and Cindy Rowe of Cindy Rowe Auto Glass in Harrisburg, Pa. I actually spent Sunday flying home on Southwest Airlines with Dave and Cindy, and they are always so pleasant to talk with.

Then, of course, thereís Peg Stroka, NWRA administratorówhoís not only an industry colleague but a friend. When I attend meetings like this one, I canít help but wonder why other repair technicians donít want to be a part of such a friendlyóand dedicatedógroup.

So, you tell me. If youíre not in the NWRA, write me and tell me why. If you have joined, maybe you could write and share what the association has done for you.

I look forward to hearing from you all.


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