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March/April 2004

The CuttingEDGE
new car installations

2004 Honda Pilot 
by Phil Ochs

In preparation for the windshield replacement, complete the following steps.

Protect the interior of the vehicle, and then remove the rearview mirror by loosening the Torx screw. There are wires attached to the mirror. You will need to remove the mirror. There is also a plate that will need to be removed; this is done by removing the two lower Philip’s screws. You then will find another bracket attached to the spring—pull this out and place it on the new windshield.

Begin by protecting the exterior of the vehicle. Remove the wipers by removing the protective nut covers, and then remove the 17-mm nuts. Remove the cowl panel by loosening the pins found in the bulb seal at the front edge of the cowl. Next, take a door panel tool and pry upward on the front of the cowl next to the windshield. You will find panel pins here with the round ball on the end, which will need to be pried upward. Remove the moulding by pulling upward away from the glass.

This windshield can be cut along all four sides with any tool you prefer (i.e. cold knife or power tool). The full cut-out method is recommended. Using a sharp chisel or utility knife, remove the adhesive, leaving a thin skin of well-bonded urethane on the pinch weld. Be careful not to disturb the body paint and avoid contamination to the bonding area.

Prime the pinchweld according to your adhesive manufacturer’s specifications. Concentrate only on the areas of the paint that may have been scratched or damaged during the removal process. The freshly cut urethane bed provides the best bonding surface. Allow proper time for the primers to cure. Clean and prime the windshield according to adhesive manufacturer’s recommendations. Replace the three-sided moulding.

Dry-set the windshield into the opening. Be careful to adjust for proper alignment. Remove the windshield and set it on a cradle with the inboard lite in the upright position. Use a properly cut V-notch tip to duplicate the original bead size. Apply the appropriate adhesive to the glass along the outside edges of the glass. Set the windshield into the opening using your dry-set marks for proper alignment, being careful not to slide the windshield once it makes contact with the pinchweld.

Replace cowl panel, wipers and mirror assembly. Clean and prep the vehicle. Inform the customer of the proper safe drive-away time.



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