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March/April 2004

    new products


Delta Revamps Website
Delta Kits Inc. of Eugene, Ore., has revamped its website to include an open forum for visitors to discuss issues of importance to windshield repair technicians. According to company president Brent Deines, the forum has been a success thus far and provides a service to the industry as a whole.

“It’s completely open—as long as people don’t get nasty, everyone is allowed to post and all topics are welcome,” Deines said.
Info or call 541/345-8554.


LYNX Services Unveils ClaimLaunch™
Pittsburgh-based LYNX Services LLC has announced it is launching an advanced electronic claim reporting application for auto glass shops to initiate and report claims via the Internet and through their business management software systems. ClaimLaunch will be rolled out nationally beginning with Allstate Insurance Co. The ClaimLaunch application will enable glass shops to submit auto glass claims directly to LYNX Services via the company website,, without additional telephone calls to report the claim. ClaimLaunch is also accessible through auto glass shops’ GLAXIS™-enabled point-of-sale software.

“The goal is to reduce, or even eliminate, faxes and phone calls,” said Steve Zweig, product manager.
Info or call 412/434-2347. 


Strainoptic Offers VRP-100
North Wales, Pa.-based Strainoptic Technologies has a new VRP-100 Reflection Polarimeter System, which it says enables fast, accurate and non-destructive measurement of residual stress in windshields. According to the company, the VRP-100 permits accurate stress management within the black painted band without the need for removing paint or making special parts.
Info or call 215/661-0100.


Glass Magic Introduces Windshield Repair System
Glass Magic of Lubbock, Texas, has introduced a new windshield repair system. According to the company, the system is easy to use, completely mechanical and requires no electricity. In addition, the company is manufacturing its own resin to go with the system, which makes 5- to 7-minute repairs possible, according to Glass Magic. The company adds that the system does not require a pit filler, which cuts both costs and time down. It comes with a bottle of resin, a drill and drill bits, ultraviolet tape, a battery-powered ultraviolet light, razor blades, a bottle of alcohol, cotton swabs to clean the system, a screwdriver and extra o-rings.
Info call 800/851-7856.


Gloves in a Bottle
A Montrose, Calif., company has created a lotion product that it says protects like gloves. The product and company name are the same: Gloves in a Bottle. According to the company, the lotion seals the outer layer of skin and prevents irritants such as harsh weather and chemicals from sapping natural skin moisture. Gloves in a bottle is virtually undetectable once dry and comes off with exfoliated skin cells. 
Info visit or call 800/660-1881.


UV Process Supply Unveils New Catalog
UV Process Supply Inc. of Chicago has introduced its 25th-anniversary catalog. The 240-page, full-color catalog contains all of the company’s products, including its ultraviolet lamps, safety products, maintenance and shop environment products such as safety gloves, curing controls, curing equipment and printing supplies. The catalog is available in both print form and on a CD-ROM,
Info visit or call 773/248-0099. 


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