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May/June  2004

Tech Tips
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Ask the Doctor
by Walt Gorman

Q. Very often I get called back by a customer telling me that he is afraid that his repair is failing. He could not see it before, but now he can. I, of course, have to go back to check it, which costs me much time. In some cases the repair is fine; in others a leg that was completely filled has opened up. I tell them not to worry, but usually they are not completely satisfied and I feel sure that they will not call me again for work.

A. I see two problems here: First, remember that no break, no matter how expertly repaired, completely disappears. At some angle, if you look closely, you can see the “skeleton” of the crack. Always show that to the customer while you are there. If he or someone else spots it at a later date, who can blame him for assuming that there is a problem?

When the leg opens up later it is usually when you have used heat to get a difficult leg to fill. Heat causes the glass to expand and the leg closes up. You must cool it off before curing to be sure that the resin has been pulled into the open area.

Q. What benefit would I, as a one-man operation, gain by joining the National Windshield Association?

A.There are many, but one very important one is that the NWRA is all we have to oppose the many attacks on the legitimacy and safety of repairs by groups who would like to outlaw them for their own financial gains.

The NWRA takes many steps to protect the windshield repair industry and our members businesses—things that neither you nor I could ever do on our own!


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