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July/August  2004

the Cutting Edge
   new car installations

2000-2004 Audi A6, V-6 Engine 
by Steve Coyle

1.Getting started:
In preparation for the windshield replacement, complete the following steps: Remove the rear view mirror by twisting the mirror assembly 1/4 turn in either direction. Then with the hood open, remove the plastic covers on the wipers to expose the 13-mm retaining nuts. Remove the nuts and lift the wiper arms off of the post. Next, remove the cowl panel by removing the clips that are found on the leading edge by prying them out and away from the panel. The top edge of the cowl panel is pressed into the retainer that is attached to the glass. Remove by gently prying up and away from the glass. The top molding is bonded to the glass and the side moldings are fastened with clips. Gently pry upward to release the side moldings from the clips. 

2. Removing the original windshield:
The glass can be cut out using a cold knife or any power tool available. Use caution to prevent scratching the pinchweld. The top molding is recessed into the pinchweld and any scratches will be noticeable after installation. The AGRSS standard requires the use of the full-cut out method. Using a sharp chisel or utility knife, remove the adhesive, leaving a thin skin of well-bonded urethane on the pinchweld. Be careful not to disturb the body paint.

3. Preparing for the new windshield:

Prime the pinchweld according to your adhesive manufacturer’s specifications. Concentrate only on any areas of the paint that may have been scratched or damaged during the removal process. The freshly cut urethane bed provides the best bonding surface. Allow proper time for the primers to cure. Clean and prime the windshield according to adhesive manufacturer’s recommendations.

4. Placement of the new windshield:
Dry set the windshield into the opening, being sure to adjust for proper alignment. There are four rubber blocks that set on the lip of the pinchweld across the bottom that will aid you in setting the glass. Remove the windshield and set it on a cradle with the inboard lite in the upright position. Use a properly cut “V” notch tip to duplicate the original bead size. Apply a high-viscosity, high-modulus adhesive around the perimeter of the glass. Set the windshield into the opening using your dry set marks for proper alignment, being careful not to slide the windshield once it makes contact with the pinchweld.

5. Finishing Touches:
To attach the cowl panel, remove the plastic strip that is in the new retainer along the bottom of the glass and snap the panel into the retainer. Replace the clips along the front edge of the panel. The side moldings can then be pushed down into the clips. Clean and prep the vehicle. 

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