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September/October  2004

     repair news

NWRA Windshield Repair Committee Meeting Announced
The National Windshield Repair Association’s effort to establish a windshield repair standard is taking shape and the date and place of the first meeting has scheduled to take place Thursday, September 9, 2004 at the National Auto Glass Conference in Tampa, Fla.

The committee, still in the planning phases, is a joint venture of the National Windshield Repair Association (NWRA) and the National Glass Association (NGA). It is being formed to draft a proposed standard for the repair of automotive glass. Once completed, the proposed standard will be submitted to the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) for approval as an American National Standard.

Committee members are not required to be members of either association.

“Anyone with interest can join,” said Peg Stroka, NWRA administrator and Standards Committee Secretariat. “We’d like to have a number of interest groups join such as the insurance companies, AAA, American Association for Retired People,NHTSA, Automobile Dealers Association, National Institute for Highway Safety, etc.”

The committee will focus solely on repair, not replacement. The Auto Glass Replacement Safety Standard Council (AGRSS) currently is the only industry standard relating to windshield replacement. AGRSS had considered working on creating a standard for repair. After discussion, the AGRSS board opted to focus on replacement only.

Regarding the current effort, Stroka added that the process for creating the committee has been ongoing for several months and has undergone several changes. The NWRA Board voted in January to pursue an ANSI Standard for repair of automotive glass with NGA. Stroka indicated the process could take up to four years.
“We’re staying away from the phrase “windshield repair” because later on, there might be more glass on a car that could be repaired,” she said. “A standard for the repair of automotive glass would improve the legitimacy for the industry and ward off detractors of the industry.” 

Committee members are being asked to defray the costs involved with that process. There are three categories of membership the fee to serve on the committee is determined by the membership category. If someone has already donated money for the creation of the ANSI standard for windshield repair, the money will be applied towards his committee fee.

Manufacturers/Distributors/Franchisers $1200
Service Providers 
Companies $600
Technicians $300
General Interest 0

The general interest category is for anyone with any interest in the automotive glass repair industry except those entities or individuals that manufacture, distribute, install or market glass, installation materials or components used in automotive glass repair.

Applications to serve on the committee should indicate a direct and material interest in repair (not replacement), have qualifications and willingness to actively participate, category of involvement and who will be the company representative. The committee can accept only one representative from each company.
Info call 717/985-1501.

Invention Removes Etched Graffiti on Glass
Chicago Glass, based in Kent, England, has developed a new process for restoring glass surfaces etched with graffiti. The process, known as “Graffiti Gone,” is currently being patented throughout Europe and the United States.

According to the company, the process incorporates protection from future damage and was created to fight graffiti left by vandals wielding glasscutters, drill bits or spark plugs to etch obscenities or gang tags and nicknames on glass.

“Whilst pain graffiti was a serious problem for the transport industry, this has largely been tackled by prompt attention on a regular basis to graffiti blighted vehicles,” said Alan Button, general manager of Chicago Glass. “Etched graffiti is popular with vandals because, until now, it has been permanent damage with no easy solution … once an area starts to be blighted, it seems to encourage more damage.”
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