Products at the National Auto Glass Conference

Mainstreet Introduces VIN Decoder
    Software developer Mainstreet has introduced the VIN Decoder, a new option for its Glas-Avenue 7.0 package that integrates into its point of sale program. The Decoder allows users to verify a vehicle’s make, model and year all at one time.
    “Customers have been asking for it and we’ve found a way to get it done,” said Mark Haeck, sales manager for Mainstreet. 
    Info+ visit www.mainstreetcomp.com

eDirectGlass Goes Mobile
    eDirectGlass has introduced a new way of handling jobs that it says will revolutionize the industry.
    Using an entirely internet-based system, companies can quote and schedule jobs, file record documentation of both printed and photographic nature, file claims paperwork and print receipts all without requiring a technician to return to the shop or, in many cases, leave their vehicle.
    According to company representative Gary Hart, who demonstrated the program and the accompanying hardware that allows it to work, the program permits constant connectivity of all shop members. It also allows shops to avoid overbooking. He described the “shop capacity” feature, which allows shop managers to set how many cars per day they can handle and how long a job will take, preventing overbooking. 
    The most significant piece of equipment to make the program work is a palm pilot, the eDirect Mobile Handspring being the choice instrument. It comes equipped with the program as well as a small digital camera and can be connected to a palm-sized printer for customer receipts and a scanner for scanning paperwork documents.
    Because the system is automated and internet-based, NAGS updates are automatically applied to the system as they are issued. The program uses the Glaxis interchange and allows companies to file claims paperwork without Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) fees as it uses its own EDI network.
    Info+ www.edirectglass.com or call 480/346-1112

On a QUEST for Improved Software
Quest Software Inc. has improved its software package for the auto glass industry, GLASSquote™. The product package is now AGRSS-compliant, reinforcing AGRSS guidelines through the documentation and data fields companies use to track materials in accordance with the AGRSS standard.
    As a new add-on option for all of its point-of-sale software, customers can have the program track inventory for them, automatically adjusting for sales, reserves and parts on order.
    Info+ www.questsoftware.com or call 800/541-2593 

UltraWiz, Batman! What a Knife
    A.N. Designs Inc. had a favorable showing at the conference as it promoted its line of UltraWiz knives, especially the 3007-K. New to the market and available for sale, the newest member of the UltraWiz line includes a foam-covered handle and vinyl-coated Pull Cable.
    According to the company, blade changes and adjustments can be one without the use of extra tools because of a quick release lever on the knife. A.N. Designs also offers replacement parts for the 3000 series.
    Info+ www.ultrawiztools.com or call860/482-2921

What a Long Pipeknife
The PipeKnife Company of Lakewood, Colo., has re-introduced its 18-inch PipeKnifeXL with improvements that include stainless steel hardware, blade storage within the tube end of the knife, vinyl handles and a redesign of the blade holding pin and blade cover.
    Info+ www.pipeknife.com or call 303/232-8788

Glas-Weld Introduces New Scratch Removal System
    Glas-Weld Systems Inc. of Bend, Ore. has announced its new Scratch-Weld Water Feed System. 
    “The Water Feed system allows for better control and is less complicated than our original system,” states Don Gregor. “The system is easy to learn and is faster to set-up on the job.”
    According to the company, the majority of scratches can be removed quickly and easily with the Scratch-Weld II System. The system removes light, medium and deep scratches from all types of glass, including windshields, mirrors, annealed and tempered glass. The new design of the water allows for consistent pressure while using less water creating less clean up upon completion of the job.
    The new Water Feed System for the Scratch Weld II System includes the sprayer arm assembly, pressurized water bottle, bottle holder with suction cups and belt attachment. Factory training and certification is available.
    Info+ www.glasweld.com or call 800-321-2597

Fein the Perfect Drill
Fein Power Tools was at the show promoting its Handy-Master cordless drills. With six different models, the drill/drivers and hammer drills are  touted as being well-balanced and powerful. They run from 9.6 volts (ABS9) to 18 volts (ASB18) and weigh from 3.1 pounds to 6.6 pounds, respectively.
    Each drill is a quick charger and comes with a carrying case, hand strap and two bits.
    Info+ www.feinus.com or call 800/441-9878

Do the Techno
    Techno Rubber of Miami, Fla., was on hand to promote its extruded solid weather stripping for automotive windshields and glass run channels. The company designs rubber profiles for cars, trucks, vans and buses and uses suppliers such as GOODYEAR, DuPont and Bayer to purchase raw materials.
    Info+ www.technorubberind.com or call 866/336-0737

A Trip on the Yangtse
    Yangtse Inc. of Chino Hills, Calif., sells auto glass racks and stands, including rolling racks and combinations racks. The standard auto glass rack comes in three sizes: 20-, 24- or 27-inch masts, each with a varying number of slots.
    The company also sells wheel barrows, dollys and tool carts. 
    Info+ www.yangtseinc.com or call 909/606-9216

Have You Seen XinYi?
    XinYi, manufacturer of automotive glass, has introduced its encapsulated windshield, door glass, quarterpanel and backlite, as well as its heat-reflecting windshield (Solar-E-xinyi) and rear slider. The company also manufactures PVC extrusion mouldings.
    Info+ www.xinyiglass.com or call 86-755 28631333

Talk About Rapid
PPG had its Rapid Seal™ Poly-urethane line of automotive windshield adhesives at the show, from the RS100 with a 3-hour drive-away time to its RS500 hot applied moisture-curing adhesive that the company says has a 15-minute drive-away time. Along with its line of urethanes, the company was also promoting its RS CoraPrime epoxy primer for direct to metal application and its RS25 and RS23 primer systems. RS25 is a one-step primer system adhesion promoter for application to clean auto replacement glass and frit surfaces, while RS23 is PPG Rapid Seal’s pinchweld primer, a single component black primer that provides adhesion to painted surfaces.
    Info+ 248/641-2122