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Volume 7, Issue 1        January/February 2005

Field of Vision
     from the Editor

Faces & Places
by Brigid O'Leary & Charles Cumpston

Its dj vu all over again. It's 2005 (all together now, It's 2005 already?) and as we all sit around and reminisce about the year gone by, we have no way to know what this year will bring. We can, however, look to the past to get a sense of what is to come in the next 12 months.

There are, of course, the events we can all expect (trade shows, conferences). There are things we know to expect because theyve been on the radar for some time (NAGS rebalancing, court cases). Then there are things that happen that come as a welcome surprise to the industry. Hopefully, the following announcement will be one of the latter, rather than one of the first two.

Yes, folks, youve seen a split-page Field of Vision before and you know what's coming next: a change of command for AGRR.

It was just about a year ago when I was on the right side of this page, making my debut. Now Im on the left side. No, Im not leaving the magazine to go get married-not yet, anyway-but I am moving away from editing to focus more on writing for a wide variety of publications from our parent company, Key Communications Inc. Ill still be writing about auto glass and will get to see you at shows and events. Ill just get to write about them more in depth in the future.

So, without further ado, Id like to introduce you to the new editor of the magazine, a person familiar to most of you, Mr. Charles Cumpston. Charles-

Thanks Brigid, and I know I speak for the industry when I say job well done for the work you've done as editor of AGRR.

As I said in the last editorial I wrote for an auto glass magazine, the more things change the more they stay the same. And its sure true. Here I am now as editor of AGRR, and its good to be back in the industry working with people who care and are working hard to make the industry better.

Ive always thought of my job as providing the information that those of you in the industry need to run your companies better and to stay abreast of what is happening. No coach-Im-ready-put-me-in-the-game newness on my part. Ive been in the game for 25 years and will bring those years of experience to my new position. But its your interests that are my primary concern.

This year will probably not be an easy one for most of you. But what else is new? These last few have been a string of hard years. However, the industry seems poised for some big changes and I certainly hope they bring about a stronger, healthier industry. If that happens, then surely most of you are going to benefit from it.

One last thing Id like to do is extend congratulations to a couple who are celebrating their silver anniversaries in the industry. Yes, my new boss (We call her the boss, Deb Levy) and I have arrived at the milestone of 25 years in the industry, and its great to have this opportunity to work with someone whose commitment to the industry I have always admired. I look forward to working for you, as well, in the future. 

Brigid OLeary is the outgoing editor of AGRR magazine and Charles Cumpston is the incoming editor of AGRR.

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