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Volume 7    Issue 4           July/August  2005

An overview of what trade show attendees saw at
the National Auto Glass Conference in Minneapolis

Get a Handle
A.N. Designs Inc., which markets the UltraWiz brand of cold knives, promoted its 3700 Lever knife which is smaller to fit into the hand better. Many technicians like a round shape better than an oval one, explained Bob Nilsson. Blade changes and adjustments can be made without the use of tools, and multiple blades can be used for chasing. The company also is experimenting with some coated blades for pinchweld protection, which visitors could see in the booth.

Back Handler
New product catalog from AEGIS Tools International provides information on its product lines, including the 1710 and 1711 glass handler which features a patented design. Designed to prevent strain on the back (a big issue because of workers’ comp) the handlers utilize the installer’s total upper body strength while reducing the likelihood of lower back injuries. The supplier points out that another benefit is greater control when setting windshields because of the straight-in approach that eliminates sliding.

Good Vibrations
BTB Tools had a variety of products available at the show, and was demonstrating the lower vibrations of the tools it offers, particularly the Chicago Pneumatic. The company manufactures tools for the removal of all urethane fitted glass, laminated windshields, encapsulated styles, body panel maintenance, and the removal of flexible adhesives and double sided tape.

Flat and Long
PipeKnife Co. has added flat long knives used to cut-out sealants to its offerings. The tools are long-handled utility knives for cutting urethane, sealants, and caulking, the company explains. The new flat long knives are designed to be complementary to the company’s cut-out knives. Manufactured from high-strength anodized aluminum, the knives are available in four lengths, (9, 14, 18 and 24 inch) and are equipped with a cushioned handle. The blade holding mechanism has been redesigned to incorporate stainless steel hardware to secure the cutting blade. The coined hardened steel pin has been added to lock the blade into the knife body, the supplier points out.

Rapid Rewards
Autostock International is now offering Autostock rewards to customers for purchases they make. Points accumulate depending on the amount of money a customer spends on SRP products. The points can then be redeemed for gifts or applied to future purchases.
The rewards program isn’t just open to anyone, however. A shop has to be a customer to participate and the Web site with each customer profile and account information is password protected, the company points out.

Parts from ParKin
The 20th anniversary edition catalog of its glass and accessories products for trucks, RVs and vans is available from ParKin Accessories. The publication from the supplier for non-NAGS windows and glass also includes helpful information such as how to determine angles to ensure that the correct glass is ordered.

C.R. Laurence Co. Inc. supplies a rain and light sensor kit, which company officials say is half the price of the kit from the dealer and includes most common sensor brackets, lenses and adhesive pads. The company also has its catalogs available on CD-Rom and 24-hour online ordering at

Economy by ECONZ 
ECONZ is targeting businesses that are trying to streamline job assignments through both the Internet and cell phone. A web-based application allows office personnel to take incoming calls and schedule jobs. The information for the job assignment—
including inventory, time and place—can then be sent to the cell phones of shop technicians on the road and allow them the option of accepting (or declining) the job.

When jobs are complete, the technician can then send back information about the job—start and stop time and billing information—all of which can be integrated with QuickBooks for manageability in the shop. The program uses Verizon technology and Verizon customers with the “Get It Now” option on their phones can access the program immediately. There is a fee for each subscription (per use of the system), but there are no minimum or maximum limits set on usage of the program.

Quick Reference
Precision Replacement Parts Corp. has just published an expanded Quick Reference Guide which lists its part numbers and list prices for mouldings, weatherstrips and clips; wiper blades; and rain sensors.

Elmo Excell
IBS Software offers a full line of computer hardware from Dell as well as its Elmo software, which is built around real life needs of working, profitable glass shops, according to the developer. A NAGS update and training videos on CD are available from the company. Toll-free technical support is available 24/7.

Self-Contained Vacuum
Super Cinch self-contained vacuum device from Glass Pro Systems is designed for vertical repairs. With its adjustable bridge it can repair on any surface of the windshield regardless of the curvature, according to the supplier. It evacuates air and moisture first and then injects resin into the repair; and then does a secondary vacuum to get any remaining air or moisture out.

Repair Catalog
Delta Kits was promoting its equipment, tools and supplies for windshield repair at the show. A new catalog from the supplier provides information on its various offerings including its ENT-201 single bridge package and its ENT-202 double bridge package.

Totally Manageable
TSM, total shop management service, is available from eDirectGlass. It is designed to provide electronic management services for all the areas involved in running a business from general management tasks to POS and claims management. A range of programs is available at varying price levels. The supplier points out that using the system provides reduced day-to-day business costs, increased productivity, and greater billing flexibility.

Shopping at the Store
The Equalizer Stores from Equalizer Industries Inc. are retail marketing showcases that hold a variety of supplies and tools which are available from the supplier. The Equalizer Store is a one-stop shopping display that stocks over 100 of the most popular tools the company supplies. The display is designed to be set up in a distributor’s warehouse, showroom or will-call center.

Is the Doctor In?
Glass Doctor offers franchise opportunities in both the automotive and architectural glass markets. At the show, it was taking the opportunity to publicize its upcoming national convention. The event, scheduled for July 17-19, will be held at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas.

Special Cutter
Fein Power Tools Inc. has enhanced its FSC 1.6 window cutter to be lighter weight, with reduced vibration and a smaller diameter handle. The company states that other benefits include an easy way to fasten and remove blades, a smaller and cooler running gear head, and improved accessibility of speed control and switch.

Pump Improved
Liquid Resins International has introduced an improved version of its Resinator QT resin pump which features quad thread technology. The unit can now load and reload resin up to four times faster than current pumps, according to the supplier, which cuts down on the time involved to repair breaks. It can be used with or without an external vacuum source.

Good Night Watchman
A new booth and an updated product line were what Roseville, Mich.-based Night Watchman brought to this year’s show. The 2005-2006 catalog is now available and includes new Corvette roof panels, said Mike Parisi.

One-Stop Connection
Pilkington North America described itself as the one-stop connection to automotive glass resources. It has more than 100 local service facilities, combined with an expansive selection of glass parts and accessories and a range of value-added services. The glass supplier also offers a range of e-business products, including e-invoicing, e-ordering and e-commerce.

SGC’een on the Web
Safelite Glass Corp. (SGC) came to the show to tell attendees of the company’s newest advancements in electronic solutions. Among the innovations are upgrades to the company Web site to help make electronic solutions more viable for everyone with all levels of Internet expertise.

Tear-Away Mouldings
Creative Extruded Products Inc. was promoting its patented TotaLace and UtaLace tear-away mouldings designed for edge of glass look at the show. Also available from the company are the ExacTrim molding system which is designed to fit exactly like the original, the FlexiTrim universal molding system and the Gripflex molding system, which is designed for the windshield fabricator with the technician in mind.

Cool Adhesive
SikaTack-Cool cold applied windshield adhesive from Sika Corp. can be used in place of high modulus adhesives at half the price, according to the company. The product is expected to be used year round south of the Mason-Dixon line and in warmer weather further north. Sika says the product’s benefits include two-hour safe drive away time in most cases. It is engineered to conform to the strength of OEM requirements and exceeds all federal requirements even in the most severe interpretation for FMVSS 212/208.

For the first time at an auto glass show, Shat-R-Proof Corp. brought one of its polishing machines to Minneapolis. The Scratch Removal System can polish glass blemishes on windshields as long as they are not in the vision area. The company also promoted its SRP Velocity adhesive, a single-component product that features a one-hour safe drive away time at temperatures as low as 0°F (-17°C), according to the company.

User Guide
Available from Sommer & Maca Industries Inc. is a user guide for its Powr Bond one-hour auto glass urethane. The publication contains compatible adhesives, cleaners and primers, installation instructions and a drive-away chart. The supplier also introduced the SPX leak detector. A sample kit was on display at the show in Minneapolis, but there were no other specs available.

Yih-Tair Industrial Inc. manufactures Flexline® ISO-9001 certified universal, foreign, and domestic windshield mouldings using the best raw materials to allow the product to resist UV deterioration, according to the supplier. The universal mouldings have a filament to prevent stretching and shrinkage, designed to make installation easier regardless of temperature conditions, the company points out. All the mouldings are packaged in standardized boxes.

New Betaprime Formula
Dow Automotive has developed a new formula for its Betaprime 5404A pinchweld and encapsulation primer that offers improved open life stability in high-temperature and humid environments, the supplier reports. The aim is to help customers continue to save money and reduce inventory with the single primer rather than the traditional three products used for the same purpose. The product is used for priming pinchwelds, RIM and PVC, as well as activating pre-applied adhesive systems. 

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