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Volume 7    Issue 2            March/April 2005

New Products

Shure-Step® for Safe Windshield Replacement
Created by Crest Step on Inc., of Houston, Texas, the Shure-Step keeps technicians working safely at elevated heights. 

The Shure-Step currently is availble in three designs: “L” Shure-Step, which fits around the front and side of a vehicle, the Shure-Step II, which is 10 inches tall, 2 feet long and stackable and the Shure-Step III, which is 10 inches tall, 39 inches long and 15.5 inches wide. The steps are designed to allow technicians access to tall vehicles, such as the Hummer, without tipping or sliding.

Equipped with non-skid pads to prevent slipping, all Shure-Step plat-forms weigh 8 lbs. and, according to a company press release, regain their shape if crushed. The platforms come with a lifetime warranty and are stackable, for extra height.

Direct Ordered Safety
Safety Direct, a division of Kansas City, Mo.’s Kryger Glass, offers companies safety in two ways. Compliance training to meet OSHA guidelines is one way, complete with instruction on how to handle bloodborne pathogens and body safety concerns such as ergonomics, fall protection, forklift safety and first aid.

The company also sells a full line of safety equipment that includes safety glasses, gloves, eye wash stations and first aid kits.

CRL Offers Master Catalog
Los Angeles-based C.R. Laurence Co. Inc. (CRL) has introduced the first in a series of six Master Catalogs, the CRL43AGR auto glass replacement catalog. The 432-page, full-color, hard cover catalog includes tools and supplies as well as truck sliders, van windows, urethanes and cleaners.

The CRL43AGR can be viewed online or downloaded in pdf format at the company’s website.

Asymmetrical Sidelites Made Easy
Perrysburg, Ohio-based Glasstech has expanded its family of advanced cylindrical radius benders to include a 59 inch-wide CRB1™ model that company literature says is ideal for processing asymmetrical sidelites used in buses and railroad passenger cars. The CRB system can produce shapes with two radii, J-bends or V-bends.

CRB1 and CRB2™ systems are designed to form flat glass into basic cylindrical shapes and can process glass from .118 inches to .25 inches thick. CRB1 is available in three widths: 36 inches, 48 inches and 59 inches; while CRB2 is available in 36 inches and processes parts up to 4 feet in length.

DuPont Introduces Safety Glass Products
The automotive segment of Wilmington, Del.-based DuPont has introduced new safety glass products and solutions, including Head-Up-Display units made with a DuPont Butacite® Wedge™ interlayer (to keep drivers’ attention on the road). 

Other products the company is promoting include sidelites with SentryGlas® Plus (for occupant safety, vehicle security and anti-intrusion performance), sidelites with composite interlayers to reflect solar energy and reduce heat build-up in vehicles, sunroofs up to 18.28 feet-squared with interlayers and side- and backlites with SentryGlas Expressions™ digitally printed interlayers for vehicle color styling or customization.

The Mood—Automatic-Dimming Mirror Available From MITO
Mito Corp. of Elkhart, Ind., has introduced a rearview mirror that automatically dims upon detecting glare from other vehicles and outside sources. When it dims, the mirror floods your interior with cool blue, warm amber or soft white “mood” lighting, according to the company.

Contoured Suction Cup
A line of professional duty hand vacuum cups for handling contoured glass windshields is available from Anver Corp. The cup features two swivel heads with 43/4 inch diameter rubber grippers and an ergonomic handle with two cam style levers that flip into place to create the vacuum. Designed for smooth, dry, non-porous loads, the cups are typically used in pairs to permit users to handle and position loads that would otherwise be difficult or dangerous to pick up, the supplier explains.

AEGIS Offers Corrosion Treatment Tools
AEGIS Tools International, headquartered in Madison, Wis., offers a line of corrosion treatment tools to help members of the AGR industry who are entering or continuing in the field of corrosion treatment do just that.

The tools offered include the MSI Pro Pneumatic Die Grinder, the 9.6V MultiPro Cordless rotary tool, the 110V MultiPro Rotary tool and the wire brush for final preparation. The grinder and rotary tools can be used with different size and shaped stones, available in sizes ranging from one inch flat to 1/4-inch (cone or cylinder).

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