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Volume 7    Issue 3            May/June 2005

New Products


New water-based, solvent-free cutout lubricant, Sika-Slick, is designed to reduce cutout force and extend blade life. The manufacturer, Sika Corp., states that it significantly reduces the physical effort needed during the windshield cutout procedure which extends blade life and lessens the likelihood of injury and damage due to slippage of cutout tools. It can be used with all reciprocating cutout tools, and is approved for use with all Sika adhesive systems. Packaged four-to-a-box in 1-quart spray bottles and 1-gallon refill jugs, Sika-Slick does not contaminate the bond area and is best suited for use with reciprocating cutting motions, the manufacturer states. infocenter


More Mouldings
Flexline® ISO-9001 certified universal, foreign, and domestic windshield mouldings from Yih-Tair Industrial Inc. are manufactured using the best raw materials allowing the product to resist UV deterioration, according to the supplier. The company adds that the universal mouldings have a filament to prevent stretching and shrinkage, designed to make installation easier regardless of temperature conditions. All the mouldings are packaged in standardized boxes. 


Zero Betaseal O°ne
Dow Automotive has introduced an adhesive which is designed for all applications and allows one-hour drive away in temperatures as low as 0°F. The product enables technicians to safely use one adhesive safely for all auto glass replacements, standard and high modulus, nonconductive, according to the supplier. The adhesive meets all OEM and FMVSS requirements, and is available in cartridges and foil packs. 

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