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Volume 7    Issue 6            November/December 2005

The Showroom
New Products

GlasPac Enhancements Debut
GTS Services has introduced the latest version of its GlasPac®LX software, v3.2. Enhancements in the new program include: wildcard search, EDI transmission via the Internet, automatic price matching, work order transfer with notification, customized interchange relationships and inventory stock transfer.

The new wildcard search capability enables retailers to search by a keyword on all orders in all fields to expedite order retrieval. It scans the system for all available orders containing the entered text all the way to the notes level. 

With the new price match feature, orders are automatically re-priced to match a total that a glass shop specifies. Also with the new system, operators can transfer work orders to another branch and GlasPacLX will automatically adjust pricing, and taxes, and then alert the receiving branch of the incoming work.

Invasion of the Nanotechs Leads to Glass Protection
Nanotechnology is the newest thing to hit the American market and it can be found in just about every industry—including auto glass. Windshield Welding Systems in Woodbridge, Va., has partnered with Nantec Pty Ltd to form Nanotec-USA and bring nanotechnology to the United States auto glass market.

Nanoprotect, the company’s water repellent product, is available for many different industries, with Nanoprotect Auto Glass and Nanoprotect Plastic (for plexiglass) particularly applicable to the auto glass market. The products create a molecular bond on the surfaces to which they are applied, repelling water without the use of silicone or other similar products and without acid-based pretreatments. 

Nanoprotect Auto Glass is available in a 100ml kit that includes a glass cleaner, the nanotechnology treatment and an application cloth. Other products include Nanoprotect Metal (for aluminum wheels) and Nanoprotect Auto Paint for auto body protection.

You’ve Got to See UV’s New Website
UV Process Supply Inc. of Chicago, a supplier of ultraviolet curing equipment and supplies, has debuted its newly designed website, The redesign, prompted by customer input and feedback, includes faster, simplified product searches and expedited online ordering, according to the company.

Additional improvements include an upgraded and “more sophisticated” purchasing experience, as well as the establishment of user accounts and order tracking. The search function was recently expanded and improved, and now offers thumbnail images in addition to links that allow visitors to view additional product information. 

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