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Volume 8, Issue 1        January/February 2006

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Innovative IPS

Innovative Polishing Systems, which has been supplying the market since 1987, originated the hook and loop pads and backer pads for glass and acrylic polishing, according to company officials. It currently markets the product in 2-, 3-, 4-, 5-, and 6-inch sizes. 

The products are British Standards Institution and ANSI registered for their non-distortive capabilities, they add. Its newest process is a system for acrylic utilizing 2-, 3-, and 4-inch pads and specialty foams as well as specialty processes and coatings for headlamps and lenses. The officials report that the company will soon be offering a UL-approved water feed gun.

Sika Kits Help Companies Comply with AGRSS

Sika Corp, headquartered in Madison Heights, Mich., has announced that all Sika Autoglass Adhesive Super Kits have now been designed to assist automotive glass shops become and maintain compliance with the Auto Glass Replacement Safety Standard (AGRSS™) and are equipped with lot number stickers for all components of the kit.

The inclusion of lot number stickers in all kit components, to include the adhesive, disposable, single-use Sika Aktivator pads and SikaPrimer-206 Stix aid companies and installation technicians in meeting the ANSI/AGRSS 002-2002 Automotive Glass Replacement Standard requirement that states “all adhesive system component lot numbers must be traceable to each job.”

Component lot number stickers may be placed on work orders and/or invoices, ensuring system components can be traced to each job as required by the AGRSS Standard. The stickers are color-coded to match the component and are enclosed with each component package.

New Product from Glass Pro Systems

Glass Pro Systems, headquartered in Rockford, Ill. has developed a new product called the Super Cinch. This new windshield repair tool incorporates a modified pump made by Wood’s Powr Grip Co. and generates 28 inches of negative pressure or vacuum. It holds the resin suspended above the glass to allow for damage to evacuate, then injects resin into a vacuum pocket, explains Michael Curl, president of the company. It uses a separate, second vacuum chamber to maximize de-gassing of the resin to assure the strongest and most void free repairs possible, he adds. The unit averages five minutes on repairs to star breaks and works on vertical glass. According to Curl, it requires very little cleaning.


DOW Automotive Delivers Optimized Betaprime™ 5500SA 

Dow Automotive is re-introducing its single-application unit of BETAPRIME 5500SA 1-Step Glass/Frit Primer. According to a company news release, the product is “newly optimized to meet customer needs” and prepares and primes windshields in one pass, meeting all OEM and long-term durability requirements. 

“We are pleased to respond to customer concerns about reported primer leakage in some of the single-application units,” said Bernie Defreitas, Dow Automotive product market manager for North American glass and plastic bonding, small packaging. “First, we redesigned the applicator head to reduce primer wet-out. Then we went one step further to make it easier to differentiate the improved product from old inventory by changing the applicator head color from black to brown.”

A New Urethane Seam Sealer Hits the Market

The LORD Corp., manufacturer of Fusor® automotive repair adhesive (for metal and composite bonding solutions) has announced the launch of an improved formula for the Fusor Factory Match urethane seam sealer adhesive 800EZ, 801EZ and 803EZ.

According to the company, its seam sealers bond to all primed or painted metals and most automotive plastics, which the company says, allows body repair technicians to duplicate the factory look on standing, cosmetic, truck bed, tooled door skin, floor pan and core support seams as well as any other application in which a non-sag cosmetic seam sealer is required.


NAGS Introducing Hardware Parts and Interchange Guide, 2006 Airbag Quick Reference Guide

National Auto Glass Specifications International (NAGS®), publishers of the NAGS catalog and calculator, has introduced one new and one revised publication: the NAGS Hardware Parts and Interchange Guide (Windshield Edition) and the 2006Airbag Quick Reference Guide.

The Hardware Parts and Interchange Guide is brand new and fills the need for an informational source in the industry providing details on additional parts and products that accompany windshield replacements. Where the NAGS catalog provides users with the NAGS number and the NAGS calculator provides benchmark price and labor time, the parts and interchange guide provides information on everything else—from moulding to brackets and wiper blades, as may be needed for an installation. The guide is an illustrated manual with detailed information about Interchanges and OEM parts, as well as alternate supplier part numbers for hardware associated with the glass being replaced.

Additionally, NAGS is rolling out the 2005 Airbag Quick Reference Guide. The reference guide, last updated in 2003, provides information to installers about vehicle airbags, A-pillars and door panels, and how to prevent the potential hazard of an accidental airbag deployment that they present in a windshield replacement.

Both publications became available in November.


ACT Now on Auto Glass Repair Claims

A.C.T. Autoglass Claims Team, headquartered in Olney, Ill., has introduced a new auto glass repair claims processing program. The company has expanded the program menu, allowing shops to choose from four levels of service. Plans are available ranging from EDI Plus, all the way up to the Full-Service Plan, where A.C.T. handles the claims process from beginning to end.


Keep it Clean

Webasto Product North America Inc., a Fenton, Mich.-based company, has introduced HotShot, a windshield cleaning device that integrates into the existing windshield washer system. Among other options, the device heats washer fluid to 150 degrees (Farenheit) within 30 seconds of activation, and offers a choice of two operating modes: automatic and standby.

The automatic feature allows for what the company calls “quick cleaning” of a windshield, wherein the warm fluid will spray onto the windshield at 10-second intervals for six to eight sprays. The driver activates the standby mode as needed. The automatic feature shuts off after 2 and a half minutes or upon the driver actively turning it off.

Need a Lift?

Pentalift Equipment Corp. has announced the availability of a new lift table equipped with a powered deck extension that moves laterally. It has a capacity of 3,000-lb and a platform that measures 5- by 7-feet with a vertical lift of 50 inches. The 48- by 22-inch deck stores within the platform and can be extended hydraulically to provide a walk-over bridge.

Both the lift and the extension are equipped with non-slip rubber matting and a double-acting hydraulic cylinder powers the extension. 



PipeKnife® Introduces Scratch-Resistor

The PipeKnife® Co., manufacturer of the “Original PipeKnife®” sealant cut-out knife, has announced the addition of the Scratch-Resistor line of standard cold knife blades.

Scratch-Resistor blades are standard cold knife blades that have a patent-pending, powder-coated protective layer bonded to the standard cold knife blade. 

A second layer of protection is added by attaching an injected molded piece of plastic on the neck of blade. According to the company, the double layer of protection significantly reduces accidental scratching when the repair technician inserts the blade into the urethane to remove the windshield.
The Scratch-Resistor blades were invented by an auto glass technician to address installations on trucks and cars that require reverse or no moulding designs, requiring extreme care to not scratch the paint during the urethane-cutting step. 

The Scratch-Resistor blade now provides the technician with another weapon to efficiently and safely cut the urethane without scratching the paint.
The Scratch-Resistor is available in 3/4-, 1- and 11/2-inch lengths. It can be ordered with only the powder coated protection layer or with the plastic neck cap. It is compatible with all standard cold knifes including the Power Advance and Easy Pro cold knife.


Ranger Group Launches Organikglass™ for Automotive Glazing Solutions 

Italy’s Ranger Group announced that it has chosen GE’s Lexan® GLX resin to launch its new premium automotive glazing line with the trade name Organikglass™. GE’s Lexan GLX polycarbonate (PC) resin will be injection-molded at Ranger’s production facility in Carate Brianza, Italy. Ranger expects to develop new automotive glazing applications that will take advantage of the unique properties of GE’s thermoplastic materials vs. conventional materials.

“Ranger is very excited about developing our new glazing line Organikglass™ using GE-supplied materials. This will make Ranger the first company to manufacture world-class, light-weight, and impact-resistant PC side and rear car windows and especially panoramic roofs for automotive manufacturers. Our focus is on growth and innovation,” said Ranger chief executive officer Matteo Rossini “Lexan GLX polycarbonate resin will help us meet changing customer requirements for the latest glazing designs, colors, and shapes, while helping to reduce overall vehicle weight as a glass replacement.”

Headquartered in Carate Brianza with several production sites across Europe, Ranger is devoting this new facility to injection mold components such as roof glazing, side and rear windows, and backlites.

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