Volume 8,  Issue 4                         July/August  2006


AGRSS Is Needed
To the Editor:
I would like to comment on the letter from Ed Gabriel in the January/February issue of AGRR (Mailbox, page 6) questioning the usefulness of the Auto Glass Replacement Safety Standard (AGRSS).

The glazing industry has codes to follow in commercial glazing and in residential work. The codes were made to protect the consumer in all phases of the glazing process.

For example, if a glazing contractor is constructing a high-rise facility that is made of glass walls and part of the code is not followed, at this point a building inspector will shut the job down because code is not followed. At what time would the inspector stop the improper installation of a windshield into a car that does not meet code? Well, guess what? There is no inspector.

Answering the question “Is there a necessity for AGRSS?” I say yes. The AGRSS Council doesn’t say not to use a shop that is not AGRSS-compliant; it says you should use judgment when seeking a certified and reputable shop and it hopefully follows all the criteria set by AGRSS. If you are compliant with AGRSS, hopefully the technicians are trained to abide by the AGRSS Standard and employers enforce these conditions. Ralph Nader even agrees that there should be a national standard for windshield replacement. 

As for our legal system punishing the perpetrator for a bad installation, when does the enforcement take place? After the job is performed incorrectly, the consumer is left at a loss. Is it at this time that the legal profession is allowed to profit and not the crusaders trying to improve the integrity of the industry?

Randall Barnes
Shop Foreman
Salem Glass and Mirror Inc.
Salem, Ohio

Thank you for your comments—ED. 

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