Volume 8,  Issue 4                         July/August  2006

Repair Round Up
NWRA reports

Volunteer Extraordinaire
by Peg Stroka

Jackie Newman has been a very active part of the windshield repair industry for more than 22 years, but she is not a manufacturer of windshield supplies and materials nor does she even own a shop in the United States. She is co-owner of an auto glass business in Copenhagen, Denmark that was started in the early 1980s, developing the industry of windshield repair in that European country. Jackie and her partner, Fred Sorensen, were early pioneers of a craft in a country where there was very little knowledge of windshield repair. 

While co-owning the auto glass business in Denmark, Jackie and Fred started a public records research business in Austin, Tex., with Jackie at the helm. This gave her a duel career for 20 years. After building the venture into a very successful business with more than 50 employees and over 200 field contractors, she sold it in 1999.

Because of her involvement in the windshield repair business in Denmark, Jackie attended many glass-related conferences in the United States in order to network with others in the glass industry. In 1994, she was one of the seven original founders of the National Windshield Repair Association (NWRA) with Dave Taylor, Rich Campfield, Steve Oyer, Paul Gross, Ed Fields, Bill Batley and Dave Schuh. They wanted to promote the legitimacy of the windshield repair industry, provide a forum for the exchange of ideas and provide the public, industry and government with a reliable source of information regarding windshield repair.

She has served on the NWRA board of directors since its inception. Among the work she has undertaken as a volunteer, her first major project was heading up the committee that developed the Recommended Practice for the Repair of Windshields. The original document took over two years to write after which Jackie worked with a subcommittee for another two years on the long-crack addendum.

Her latest contribution to the repair industry has been as a member of the joint NWRA-NGA Repair of Laminated Automotive Glass Standard (ROLAGS) Committee. It is developing a proposed standard for windshield repair to be submitted to the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) for approval to become the standard for windshield repair in the United States. Jackie has volunteered to do all the draft writing of the standard and is head of the subcommittee answering over 150 comments on the proposed standard. 

She has literally spent hundreds of hours (and dollars) attending meetings, phone conferencing and writing and rewriting each sentence of the Recommended Practice and ROLAGS. After the meetings for these groups are over and before the next one starts, Jackie is the person who is working on what was accomplished at the last meeting, writing it into the document and making suggestions and preparing everything for the next meeting.

She does all the small detail work that makes everything go smoothly for everyone involved in the process.

The windshield repair industry is indebted to Jackie for all the time, effort and money that she has put into working for and supporting our industry while asking for nothing in return. 

Peg Stroka is director of operations for the National Windshield Repair Association (NWRA).

Fast Facts
Name: Jacqueline Newman
Born: Minneapolis 
Education: Graduated cum laude with a BS in Mathematics and German from the University of Minnesota 
Lives: Austin, Tex. with her husband Tim and her two cats 
Hobbies: Writing short stories, gardening, sewing and reading

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