Volume 8, Issue 5 - September/October 2006

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Software Database
Software database from After Market AutoSystems Inc. is designed to allow shops to service the nuisance repairs of water, wind and dust leaks in all makes and models of vehicles. The data base has been developed from over 8 million field repairs that have been captured using digital pictures and/or Mitchell diagrams for step-by-step instructions with estimated times for the repairs and all tools and materials that may be required. According to the developers, the more than 25,000 repairs currently in the database can be pulled up in less than 15 seconds. Information about training is also provided for all aspects of the repair. It includes the questions customer service representatives should ask to the explanation of vehicle parts and repair techniques. The Internet based database is updated daily and 2007 models are already included.

New Pliogrip
Ashland Specialty Polymers & Adhesives has introduced Pliogrip, an acrylic double-sided tape for mouldings and emblems. It is water clear and features a solid core. Available in ¼-, ½- and 7/8-inch sizes, the tape is sold in 20-foot rolls. Pliogrip utilizes urethane, epoxy and MS polymer technologies.

Easy from Equalizer
The EasyPunch™ tool from Equalizer Industries is designed for removing the rivet stems in door glass that are held in place by pop rivets. A hammering device inside the EasyPunch is used to remove the stem. It works with a push on the handle. When depressed 1/2 inch, the spring-loaded punch releases, delivering enough force on the rivet stem that it begins to back out. A quick series of punches removes the stem allowing the technician to begin to drill. The tool eliminates the pounding and hammering inside door panels, which can break a door glass or lead to alignment problems when installing, the supplier explains. It also can be used for removing mouldings secured by rivets, where a slip or miss with a standard punch can lead to body damage.

IGA Internet Program
The new Jobs4You program from the Independent Glass Association (IGA) is designed to help auto glass shops compete on the Internet using a national directory format website with search engine enhancement. According to IGA officials, the directory website, www.AutoGlassRepair.US.com, allows independent auto glass shops to secure leads and new customers. The directory format presents the consumer with a rotating list of participating shops and a secondary list of all glass shops in their town. Consumers looking for an auto glass company in a geographic market will see a shop listed and can contact that shop directly in one of three ways: on the telephone, via email by clicking a ‘contact this shop’ button, or (if the shop participates in an eDirectGlass program) by clicking a ‘get a quote from this shop’ button to submit information about the job directly to the shop’s computer or hand-held field unit.

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