Volume 9, Issue 1 - January/February 2007

the Showroom

New Products 
Power-ful Tools
A new brochure from BTB Tools provides information on the supplier’s power tool and accessories. The tool weighs 2.2 pounds and has a 15-inch long flat blade. It is designed for hard and difficult adhesives, all types of automotive glass, encapsulated moulds/glass, body side mouldings/badges and metal and composite panels. 

New Equalizer Catalog
The new auto glass tools catalog is available from Equalizer Industries. The 146-page catalog covers everything from A (adhesives) to Z (Z-cold knife blades). Among the new products in the publication are the Equalizer Express 360, a 120-volt tool that features a rotating head that can be locked in eight different positions to help technicians get into difficult places. The motor is a 2 ˝ horsepower unit that drives the blade at 3,000 strokes per minute. Also featured in the catalog is the new DeWalt caulking gun, an 18-volt unit that uses the same battery as the 18-volt Equalizer Express or any De Walt 18-volt tool. It has an auto-reverse feature that is designed to prevent unwanted dripping of materials and also a built-in lock switch to prevent accidental start-ups.

Information is also provided on how someone who has invented or developed an original tool or idea can get it evaluated for possible production and marketing.

Underside Replacement Moulding
Gold Glass Group has introduced a wider version of its T-202 Foam Underside Replacement Moulding. The new T-203 has a 9/32-inch wide profile, 1/16 inch wider than the 7/32 inch T-202, and is designed to fill the wide gap between the tempered glass and pinchweld walls. As with the T-202, using the T-203 the old profile is removed and replaced with the new one. According to the supplier, an aggressive adhesive is used on both the T-202 and T-203 to hold it firmly to the glass. The T-203 is available in single application packages with over 16 feet in each one. 

All-in-One Installation Kit Good for Eight Jobs
Dow Automotive has introduced a kit for automotive replacement glass installers containing all the adhesive, primer, cleaner and other supplies needed for eight windshield replacements. The kit is designed to allow an installer to go into the field and do a full day’s work out of one boxed kit. Also, each kit has a single lot number for all its contents, to make job tracking and AGRSS compliance easy, and all the contents have the same expiration date. 

The kit includes 12 BETASEAL 0°ne cartridges (works at any temperature above zero degrees Fahrenheit [-17.8°C], and FMVSS 212 crash tested with one-hour safe drive-away time), eight BETAPRIME™ Clear applicators (color coded for identification), one can of BETACLEAN™ GC-800 glass and surface cleaner, one can of BETAPRIME 5404A pinchweld and encapsulation primer, 12 nozzles (six cut and six uncut), 10 daubers, 16 master lot number stickers, one tooling paddle,10 instructional mirror tags and an installation guide.

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