Volume 9, Issue 2 - March/April/May 2007

the showroom

Dow Adds More EZ Kits
Dow Automotive has added three more installation kits for aftermarket glass replacement. The first EZ Kit, introduced last fall, featured BETASEAL 0°ne adhesive in 12 310 ml cartridges. The new kits are BETASEAL 0°neBP CLEAR EZ Kit with six BETASEAL 0°ne 600 ml sausages, BETASEAL™ Express CLEAR EZ Kit with 20 BETASEAL Express 310 ml cartridges, and BETASEAL ExpressBP CLEAR EZ Kit with six BETASEAL Express 600 ml sausages.

Each kit contains materials for eight windshield replacements, or 13 in the case of the BETASEAL Express CLEAR EZ Kit. Both adhesives, BETASEAL 0°ne and BETASEAL Express, have one-hour safe drive-away time and can be used in conditions above 0°F (-17.8°C). BETASEAL 0°ne is a high modulus, non-conductive formula suggested for windshields with embedded antennas or heating elements.

All the kits include BETAPRIME™ CLEAR One-step Glass/Frit Primer in stick applicators which require no shaking, BETACLEAN™ GC-800 Glass and Surface Cleaner, BETAPRIME 5404A Pinchweld and Encapsulation Primer, nozzles, daubers, lot-number stickers and an instruction sheet. www.dowautomotive.com

The Titan
The Titan high-viscosity fast-cure urethane from ADCO Products Inc. is primerless to glass, has low conductivity and high modulus. Pro1 is a one-hour all-weather product. Pro2 is a two-hour all-weather product. Both are isocyanate free and cold applied. The urethane is available in 10.5 fluid ounce aluminum cartridges and 20 fluid ounce foil sausage packs. www.adcocorp.com 

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